Too hot! Signs Now – Gurnee, Illinois counsels caution… and successfully rebrands a new headquarters building with a municipally approved exterior logo sign.



Upon moving to a new headquarters in late 2015, the staff at Quality Catering was eager to identify their facility by having their new logo painted on the side of the building. The sign would introduce consumers to their new Nutrition First brand, and they set about phoning all nearby signage providers looking for an expedited, two-week turnaround.

One sign company actually laughed out loud at the aggressive timeline. Others never even returned their phone calls. Signs Now – Gurnee was the very first to respond—but not with the message Quality Catering was looking for.


Signs Now – Gurnee explained to the catering firm that painted signs were not allowed by the city; there was a strict set of rules on allowable materials. What’s more: Any new sign would require permitting, which would take more than a couple of weeks.

The sign maker advised Quality Catering that it was better to take a little more time and adhere to the correct protocols. In doing so, they would end up with a new logo sign that would last for years, rather than have one that might result in a code violation and risk removal at the owner’s expense.


The only sign maker to visit Quality Catering’s new headquarters, Signs Now – Gurnee measured the site and suggested a solution that would replicate the painted look the client originally sought. Of course, it also employed approved materials and adhered to city regulations.

Signs Now – Gurnee created a seven-foot square vinyl print of the new Nutrition First logo, added a protective laminate and applied both to an aluminum composite substrate. While requiring a two-piece installation, Signs Now – Gurnee cleverly hid the seam in the sign’s graphics and custom designed a mounting bracket that similarly shielded the screws from view.


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