Dry Erase Board Tips & Ideas

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Dry Erase Board Tips & Ideas


Dry Erase Board Tips & Ideas

In today’s digital world, sometimes it’s just easier (and faster) to put down the blackberry and pick up a dry erase marker. Dry erase boards are a handy communication tool that will transform the way you brainstorm ideas, keep track of constantly evolving projects, conquer your to-do list, post information for employees and more. Here’s how.


Tip #1: Write on, wipe off; it’s that simple.
A dry erase board is truly an office essential. It’s easy to write upon using expo dry erase markers. When you’re ready to erase, simply wipe off your writings with a white board eraser, or use a tissue or a cloth for a perfect cleaning.


Tip #2: Think portability.
Dry erase boards don’t have to be stuck to the wall. Need a small board you can take easily from room to room? Try a lightweight dry erase easel.


Tip #3: Get colorful.
From the boardroom to the classroom, dry erase boards make great visual presentation aids. Use different colored markers to emphasize your ideas for better visibility and attention.


Tip #4: Track everything in one place.
Whether your business needs a chart to mark project statuses or a scoreboard for a golfing tournament, if you need to track it, a dry erase board can do it. Invest in a customized surface to efficiently and effectively keep track of important projects and events.


Tip #5: Customize, customize, customize.
Dry erase surfaces can be fully customized with everything from charts and graphics to blueprints and more to help you present ideas and keep track of projects with ease. Don’t settle for a simple white surface when you get a customized board!


Tip #6: Do you want fries with that?
Own a restaurant or café? Post a dry erase whiteboard in your kitchen to keep track of daily specials, 86 items and mark off serving sections.


Tip #7: Free your calendar from the computer.
Put your company calendar at your fingertips with a dry erase calendar. Post one in a central location and easily manage meetings, conferences, employee shift schedules and more. A dry erase calendar can be customized for your business needs, so you have exactly the information you need, and none of the annoying extras that you don’t.


Tip #8: Go magnetic dry erase.
Combine the power of magnets with the freedom of a dry erase board, and the uses are truly endless. Businesses continually rave about how a magnetic dry erase board has revolutionized their office organization. Revolutionize yours today!


Tip #9: Stop wasting paper.
From printed emails to handouts that are passed out before meetings and the promptly tossed, there’s a lot of wasted paper (and money) in the average office. White boards are a better way to work. Don’t throw it away – just write it and wipe it. The environment (and your bottom line) will thank you.


Tip #10: Think big.
There’s no limit to the amount of information a dry erase board can hold. A big dry erase board gives you space to collaborate, interact and discover. Build off each other’s ideas and get creative. Big ideas are bound to follow.