Magnetic Sign Tips & Ideas

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Magnetic Sign Tips & Ideas


From small business card magnets to large magnetic vehicle signs, put the power of magnets to work for your business with these tips.


Tip #1: Turn your car into a marketing machine.
Transform an ordinary vehicle into a company fleet car and back again by adding a magnetic sign. Car magnets are easy to remove and reapply; they require no adhesive to stay on your vehicle, won’t cause any damage and can be quickly removed (or added) in seconds.


Tip #2: Enjoy maximum return on investment.
For most businesses, a magnetic car sign pays for itself in less than a week. And each new sale after that? Icing on the cake. Talk about maximum return on investment!


Tip #3: Get noticed every day.
One of the best ways to advertise your business is to ensure your logo and contact information is in a place where customers see it every day. And what better place than the front of their fridge? Get noticed every day with small magnets.


Tip #4: Be the calendar.
Sponsor a local Little League team’s spring baseball schedule, and your company information will be printed right next to a list of the games that will be stuck on every family’s fridge. Print a small yearly calendar magnet, and your customers will be keeping track of their days right next to your business logo.


Tip #5: Choose a weather-resistant printing process for outdoor magnets.
If you plan on using your magnets outside, such as on the side of a car, make sure they are printed to last. Choose a process that prevents fading such as four-color process printing on weather-resistant material with UV inks. This will ensure your magnetic sign stands out and lasts, no matter what weather comes your way.


Tip #6: Make your signs last with proper application and maintenance.
Magnetic signs should only be applied to clean and dry car surfaces. Don’t wax your car and then try to add a sign! Use warm water to clean the car and dry thoroughly with a cloth. If dirt builds up behind the sign, simply remove the sign and clean it with warm water. Proper maintenance will ensure your signs look great for years to come.


Tip #7: Opt for magnetic car signs with rounded corners.
Signs with slightly rounded corners have better wind resistance. Rounded corners on magnets for cars prevent the wind from "catching" an edge, eliminating unsightly dog-eared corners and ensuring your investment stands up to the elements.


Tip #8: Magnetize your business cards.
Don’t let your contact information end up lost or forgotten in a desk drawer. Magnetic business cards will stick everywhere from the break room fridge to the office filing cabinet, so your business is always in sight.


Tip #9: Magnetize your next direct marketing campaign.
Instead of spending money on mailers that will end up in the trash, give out small car magnets to loyal customers. They’ll look great on the bumper, and customers will be more likely to display them because unlike bumper stickers, they can come right off.


Tip #10: Get ‘em hungry.
If your business is a local fast food joint, you need a magnet with contact information on the fridge. This way, whenever a hungry customer opens the fridge door, they’ll see your restaurants information.