Outdoor Sign & Signage - Ideas, How to, Plans, Strategies, Tips

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Outdoor Sign & Signage - Ideas, How to, Plans, Strategies, Tips


Ideas for Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are powerful ads that effectively convey marketing messages, make a statement, and most importantly, sell products and services – without costing a fortune. Here’s how to stand out and get your business noticed.
Tip #1: Keep content simple.
Remember, folks driving down the street can only read a line or two of text before they pass your sign. Keep your message simple (name, service, contact information), and let colors and graphics communicate key ideas.
Tip #2: Use contrasting colors to attract attention.
Outdoor signs that are dull, boring or blend in with the scenery are a waste of your money. A green sign on a green lawn? Never a good idea! Use contrasting colors to stand out.

Tip #3: Announce your place of business with monument signage.
Professionally welcome customers and clients to your place of business or mark the entrance to a shopping center or real estate development with monument signage.
Tip #4: Grassroots advertising works.
Neighborhood yard signs are the unsung heroes of the advertising world. They may not be glamorous, but they’re the most effective way to build a word of mouth campaign from the ground up.
Tip #5: Promote your work.
Are you a construction business or lawn care company doing work on a house? Be sure to post a sign so the whole neighborhood knows what company is making their neighbor’s home look great!
Tip #6: Don’t jump the gun.
Promoting your work is critical (see Tip #5) Just remember to put the sign in when you start the work, not when you first land the job. Having a sign in the yard before the work actually begins sends the message that you aren’t on top of your business. Even if you aren’t scheduled to begin work for a month, the neighbors don’t know this. Instead, your business looks disorganized and behind schedule.
Tip #7: Keep track of your signs.
Don’t ‘post and forget.’ Knowing where your signs are at any given time is essential to managing your business’ reputation. The last thing you want is for some local pranksters to stick all your signs in front of the county jail or decorate your competition’s front yard.
Tip #8: Follow the rules.
Different communities have different rules for how, where and when outdoor signs can be posted. Taking the time to read up on the regulations now can save you a big fine down the road.
Tip #9: Your sign is your brand.
The quality of the sign should reflect the quality of your business. If your business is a high-end sales company, a cheap, flimsy plastic yard sign will hurt your brand rather than help your bottom line.
Tip #10: Give it away.
Add a brochure box to your outdoor sign so potential customers can take contact information with them. Just make sure the sign is located near the sidewalk so pedestrians don’t have to walk across a yard to get the information!