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Wall Graphics Ideas Seattle


Wall Graphics & Murals - Seattle

Wall Graphics are ideal for grabbing attention, communicating product benefits, generating sales or creating ambiance – all without breaking the bank. Here’s what to do—and what not to do—in order to ensure your wall murals get the job done right the first time.


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to ask for design help.
When it comes to designing wall graphics, it’s always better to call in the graphic design experts.  Don’t let your brand get tarnished by a cheap looking wall mural.


Tip #2: Keep it simple.
Whether you’re going big and bold with a large wall mural or staying small, keep your design and message simple. Remember, the simpler the graphic, the greater the impact. Just don’t forget to include contact information for your business if the wall is located offsite.


Tip #3: Promote seasonal specials.
Walls are an inexpensive way to advertise a new product or promote seasonal specials. Print up a bunch to advertise an upcoming sale, and give out matching flyers to customers.


Tip #4: Put your wall graphics where your customers are.
The great thing about walls is that you can utilize them offsite from your business! Get to know your target audience and place graphics directly where they spend time, whether it’s a community event or the Little League Field.


Tip #5: Display wall graphics in your store or place of business.
Be sure to display a wall graphic at your point of sale, even if that’s your store. You may be surprised by the number of customers who come to your store on a regular basis or drop by to browse and aren’t familiar with the product or seasonal special your graphics are promoting.


Tip #6: Don’t get stuck with cheap wall graphics.
Inferior graphics can turn your marketing masterpieces into cheap-looking advertisements. Be sure to select a sign company that only uses the highest quality materials, including quality vinyl and lamination, so your graphics look great and are long-lasting.


Tip #7: Lamination is your friend.
If you want wall graphics to last a lifetime, laminate it. This will ensure that it stands up to natural wear and tear, and will protect the colors from fading.


Tip #8: Include photos.
Do you have a great product photo but aren’t sure how to turn it into advertising success? Talk to an experienced graphic designer; they’re experts at turning photos into eye-catching ads. Just make sure your photo is high-resolution or it will appear grainy or out of focus. A professional graphic designer can help you with that!


Tip #9: Get creative with a wall mural
Create a unique visual identity for your business with a wall mural. Combine product photos, customer images, your logo and more for a visually appealing and marketing savvy wall mural. Use it to create ambiance in a room and stimulate creative thinking!


Tip #10: Refresh your office space.
Standard office walls are boring and do nothing to boost your bottom line (or company morale). Trade your boring walls in for a decorative wall covering or mural that’s fun, attractive and makes your staff proud to work at your business.