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Building an Image that Cares: Social Responsibility through Creating a Positive Brand Image


Building an Image that Cares: Social Responsibility through Creating a Positive Brand Image

A company’s responsibility doesn’t end after the sale. In business, there’s an unwritten rule called social responsibility. It’s a theory that an entity, whether an organization or an individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of the entire society. Although you’re not required to do civil duties, social responsibility is a way of showing you care to those in need or taking initiative to save the environment.

This is a surefire way to build positive corporate image and potentially win the trust of the consumers. To succeed on this undertaking, having the right idea and diligence are the key. Here are a few ways to do well on your social responsibility efforts.

Develop an Ethical Policy from the Inside

Come up with a company-wide ethical policy everyone should abide. It’s important for every member of your organization to know this policy by heart and comply with it at all times. This is the only way you can build a company leading the industry in ethical measures. Study the ethical standards followed by your competitors to develop a policy above the rest.

Instilling ethical values among your employees also boost your branding. Each of your employee acts as a company representative, therefore they’re walking brand ambassadors.

Act on Potential Hazards Caused by Your Company

Create precautionary strategies to solve potential blunders your company may face in the future. Think of the potential social and environmental impacts of your business. This way, you can act quickly in the midst of crisis and safeguard your reputation.

Incorporate Social Responsibility with Your Advertising

Make sure your social responsibility strategies are evident in your branding elements. Design a specialized logo and slogan for your social drives or environmental campaigns. Tweak your original brand symbols for easier recall. Use different media, from your social networking site, to posters and flyers, to spread your message fast and effectively.

Showing your concern toward ongoing societal issues is a great move to leave your mark in the community. You’re not only doing a positive thing for the people and the environment, you’re also creating the ‘good guy’ image in public.

By Rani Bal - Brand Identity Consultant


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