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How to Create Kick-Ass Custom Banners: Some Design Ideas


How to Create Kick-Ass Custom Banners: Some Design Ideas
Tradeshows provide the perfect venue to expand your business presence. Much of your success will depend on your ability to attract potential customers. A strategically designed customized vinyl banner will greatly help in accomplishing this task. It’s important to give as much thought as you can in creating your banners so you can fully maximize your presence during the tradeshow. 
Creativity is the key if you wish to gain customer attention without looking desperate. Here are some of the things you need to think about when creating a customized banner:

Catch Phrase

Command customer attention by coming up with a witty “catch phrase”. Make sure it’s short, interesting, and something that would want them to know more about your products and services. An effective catch phrase should be intriguing without giving a lot of information away. This will entice people to approach you and ask questions about what you’re offering.

Strong, Coherent Message

It’s tempting to put as much information as you can on the banner, but resist the urge to do so. The purpose of the banner is to attract people to visit your booth, not give them all the information. Stick to a single, strong coherent message that will spark the curiosity of anyone reading it.

Graphics and Other Images

Choose graphics and images that are relevant to the products or services you offer. They should work with your message, not overpower it. Keep your designs professional without losing creativity. 
Of course, if you want customized banners that will do wonders to your business, you should let professionals like us do the work for you. We create trade show banners that will not only attract visitors to your stall, but also keep them coming back for more. 

We have been doing this for many of our successful clients; it’s about time we do the same for you.

By Rani Bal - Brand Identity Consultant


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