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Outdoor Advertising Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive


Outdoor Advertising Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
Today’s technology enables greater marketing flexibility and increases options for media formats. Even outdoor advertising is facing a major transition. Electronic billboards and digital advertising tools are more and more becoming part of the city landscape. To keep up with the innovation, you should include outdoor marketing strategies as part of your campaign. This complements other media, like print or radio advertisements.
Small to medium companies, however, may not have the money to spend for these costly advertising tools. They’d be happy to hear that traditional advertising methods are just as effective as those high-tech equipment. Here are some simple but effective outdoor advertising you can use. 

Building Signage

Use your shop’s exterior as an outdoor marketing platform. Study other building signs within your location. Take note of the colors and graphics used that draw your attention and those that are dull and uninteresting. Work with a sign-making company to create an effective signage that describes your business professionally.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Consumers, on their daily commute, frequently catch sight of attention-grabbing vehicles. Use your company vehicle as an advertising canvas and employ noticeable vehicle wrap. Think of using magnetic car signs, as they’re affordable and waterproof. Don’t limit your advertising efforts within your store location. There are many ways you can reach a wider audience. Mobile advertising tools range from a sandwich board to a moveable board sign. Advertising with a dedicated mobile vehicle is an attractive option for large-scale events, such as conventions and grand openings.
An effective marketing mix delivers the right message in the right place at the right time, and with the right tools. This results in profits and opportunities to expand your business. Outdoor advertising doesn’t only inform consumers of your products or services, it also strengthens your brand message.

By Rani Bal - Brand Identity Consultant


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