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Taking an Image Leap: Going from Popular to Influential Branding: Strong & Basic


Taking an Image Leap: Going from Popular to Influential Branding: Strong & Basic

In business, the word ‘popular’ is almost synonymous with ‘influential’ simply because prominent brands usually influence people’s lifestyle the most. This holds true, as no consumer has ever let a strange brand affect their purchase decisions.

Boosting your fame is only good to carve your niche in the industry. Popularity fades, though, that’s why it’s important to make your brand influential to avoid becoming just a fad. This is the key to prolonging your company’s effect on people and making an impact in their lives. Here are some basic strategies to do it:

Promote Change in Lifestyle

Plan an advertising campaign that can change people’s lives positively. Study your market, analyze their behavior, and look for something you can improve that would benefit them in the simplest ways. You may highlight the things that negatively affect their lifestyle, and then offer means to change them for the better through your products and services.

You can be more successful in this endeavor if your brand is already well-known. This is why it pays to make your brand a household name first so consumers would pay attention to your proposition and plant your idea fruitfully.

Launch a Monumental Event

Organize an event that can bring memorable experience to people. Creating an opportunity for others to be part of something big is an effective way to promote your company and influence them deeply. This allows you to leave an irremovable mark that people would carry for the rest of their lives.

Understand your target market to know what kind of event they would likely join and enjoy. Make your event timely with ongoing environmental or societal issues, or popular celebrations like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve.

Design a Product that Matters

If there’s one thing that would make the most impact to consumers, it has to be your offerings. Products are powerful because they are the primary sources of consumer experience and their features can stand for the values of people. Develop a game-changing product that can answer the demands of your market and provide practical benefits in the long run.

No one can tell where your brand’s influence stops. Influence, however, has a shelf life, too. This is why you should continue to strive to create an impact and sustain your grip as one of the prime players in the industry.

By Rani Bal - Brand Identity Consultant


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