By providing superior quality, Signs Now Boise gets the green light for dozens of vehicle wraps



With 36 service vans and sales cars on the road, Western Heating & Air Conditioning of Boise was an early convert to vehicle wraps as a way to advertise their business. However, their wraps began to fade just a few years after application -- leaving customers with a negative impression instead of the positive one the contractor intended to promote.

With this in mind, several years ago Western Heating & Air Conditioning sought a new wrap supplier to update their fleet and selected Signs Now Boise after they provided the most cost-competitive bid.


Signs Now Boise soon identified the issue that was causing premature fading with the previous provider's vehicle wraps. During production, they were adhering to the manufacturer's recommended ICC (International Color Consortium) profile -- a set of data that establishes color standards, among other quality criteria.

The problem was, the maker of the thin vinyl film on which a wrap's colors, graphics and promotional messages are applied is based in the Midwest -- a climatic region far removed from Boise. In fact, Idaho is situated in America's northwest desert where much dryer conditions (e.g., 12-18% humidity) are the norm.

Almost unheard of in the industry, Signs Now Boise employs five photospectrometers to ensure proper calibration of all software and equipment to render the correct colors consistently -- job after job, year after year. And, taking into account that inks dry faster in less humid conditions, they routinely apply more ink.


By taking these extra steps to adhere to ICC profiles and account for Idaho's dryness, Signs Now Boise attains the vibrant graphics sought by Western Heating & Air Conditioning. Today, the wraps that the sign and graphics provider applied years ago still look as good as new. What's more, if vehicles become involved in fender benders, Signs Now Boise can replace damaged wrap portions with new ones that are a perfect match.

Western Heating & Air Conditioning certainly appreciates the higher-quality vehicle wraps. Annual reorders of up to five fleet vehicles come to Signs Now Boise regularly to be wrapped. What's more, in 2015 Signs Now Boise wrapped 25 semi-tractors for Off Spec Solutions, an over-the-road trucking firm in Caldwell, Idaho, and is currently at work on wrapping 10 more.

When it comes to vehicle wraps, we'd say that Signs Now Boise has put the pedal to the metal!


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