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7 Reasons to Choose Outdoor LED Signs Over Traditional Signage


7 Reasons to Choose Outdoor LED Signs Over Traditional Signage

Fun fact: the outdoor LED display market is expected to surpass $12 billion by 2022. With such tremendous financial growth, as well as increasingly affordable options for businesses, marketers, and retailers are turning to digital signage en masse. But does new technology necessarily mean better advertising outcomes? Or are LED signs just for owners who dread setting up marquee or track lettering on their monument sign?

While the comparative ease of dynamic messaging is a plus in our book, far more substantive reasons exist for choosing outdoor LED signage over the traditional route. Don’t believe us? Read on: we’ll explain how this technology is taking the signage industry by storm, and why you should jump on the bandwagon.

1. Visibility is far greater with LEDs.

Outdoor LEDs range from 5,000 to 8,000 nits (a unit of measurement for the total brightness radiating over a square meter of an LED display). As a comparison, a standard television has an overall net rating of about five hundred. Needless to say, that’s more than enough nits to be seen from the roadside, even during a cloudless summer day.

The other alternative to digital signage is the classic neon sign. However, LED signs have a specific advantage: each diode is a directional light source. Essentially, the light produced by LEDs is angled forward like a spotlight, whereas neon casts light indiscriminately in all directions. This produces its characteristic faint glow, rather than the eye-catching brightness associated with LED displays.

2. They are more cost-effective in the long run.

Yes, LED signs have a higher upfront cost than printed signage, but your company’s investment is paid back in spades.

First off, they require almost no maintenance outside an occasional cleaning. And if you need to change your ad copy, you no longer have to run to your nearest signage provider and order a new one. Don’t forget – you’ll be able to avoid regular installation costs, too.

3. You can add informational and personal elements to your signage.

People find digital signs more engaging because they tend to be more relevant to their interests. Serving up useful information, such as weather patterns, ambient temperature, and today’s date can keep the eyes of passing motorists trained on your sign.

Likewise, you can also serve messages addressed to your target audience e.g. ad copy that reads: “Welcome home troops! Our 50% off Veteran’s Day sale is our way of saying thank you.” As we already know, targeted messaging increases engagement and pushes customers down the marketing funnel.

4. Did we mention how great they look?

At Signs Now , we don’t like to gloat about our digital advertising solutions. But custom animations, full-color visuals, and detailed graphics all culminate to produce a wow-factor that’s just…missing in other forms of signage.

A beautiful display can captivate, in and of itself. Couple those state-of-the-art graphics with a powerful call-to-action? You’ve got yourself a winning combination, along with a prime example of top-of-the-line visual communications.

5. Using neon light or incandescent bulbs? LED signage uses less electricity.

Concerned about the environment? We can all stand to benefit from reduced energy usage. Thankfully, LED signs consume less than a comparable neon sign. You’ll be looking at a smaller electricity bill and a clear conscience.

For more information on LED signs, you can rely on the experts at Signs Now®.

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