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A Guide to Effective Lobby Signage for Your Business


A Guide to Effective Lobby Signage for Your Business

Make no mistake – while not every business has a lobby sign in their reception area, those that do are perceived as offering better products and services. Case in point: a study published by BMC Health Services Research found that patient’s satisfaction with their quality of care increased after renovations to the waiting area were completed. So, though it may seem superficial to dwell on first impressions and interior signage, the perception of visitors and employees is more malleable than you think.

But you can’t just hang a banner with your logo printed on it behind the receptionist’s desk and call it quits. You need to have every aspect of your office signage – sizing, design, materials, and more – working together to produce an overall effect that’ll stay in-line with your business’s branding.

If you’re in the market for successful lobby signage, you’ve come to right place. Keep reading to discover what principles make for effective reception area signs and dimensional logos.

Lobby Sign by Signs Now

Not too big. Not too small. And no obstructions in front of the wall.

Rhymes aside, there is something poignant to be said about finding the valuable middle ground between two extremes. Obviously, you want your logo or branding showcased front and center, but how much influence can a sign have if it’s too large to be read (at least, without walking back twenty feet)? Likewise, a sign that is too small will fail to impress, or even worse,  fail to be noticed.

Measure the dimensions of the wall on which you plan to display your building sign. As a rule, you’ll want to keep the width of the sign close to half the width of the wall itself. There are exceptions to this however; the professionals at Signs Now will consider other variables during the installation process, including viewing angles and traffic patterns.

And, perhaps this should go without saying, but do not block your lobby sign! Your signage should be high enough that a person cannot obstruct your design by sitting in front of it.

Do I order standalone letters or a logo board?

For those inclined toward a minimalist approach, dimensional lettering provides a complimentary accent to the wall behind it. A digitally imprinted board will feature a greater variety of sizing and can be used for smaller wall spaces accordingly.

Illuminated signage is possible for both styles – dimensional lettering must remain backlit by design, whereas a logo board has several options for lighting.

Lobby Sign - Signs NowMaterials will come down to personal preference and existing environment.

Most signs have to endure the harshness and unpredictability of inclement weather, vandalism, and ultraviolet light. Not so with indoor lobby signs. As such, few limitations or downsides will dissuade a company from using one material over the other.

Materials for reception areas signs include stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, acrylic, wood, plastics, and foamcore. While all can be fabricated within a reasonable time frame, custom plastic signs tend to require more effort since they do not readily accept paint.

Ultimately, the material choice comes down to the brand’s aesthetic. A lawyer’s practice may be better off with classic, wooden dimensional lettering, while an architect’s firm may benefit from off-the-wall, backlit aluminum.

For more information on lobby signs, you can rely on the experts at Signs Now®.

“How else can I get Reception Area Signs to work for me?” you ask.  Find out with an expert site assessment courtesy of Signs Now®. We have an array of Custom 3D Signs & Dimensional Letters for all applications and budgets. And if you’re looking for a clear solution to reception area signage, we offer Window Graphics. We invite you to learn more about what Signs Now can do for you. To get started, contact us today.