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Are City Ordinances and Poor Visibility Challenging Your Business?


Are City Ordinances and Poor Visibility Challenging Your Business?

“Location, location, location” is a popular slogan regarding the importance of a business’ site in terms of its success. But for businesses located far from the street, positioned among bigger/brighter neighbors or hindered in their promotional efforts by strict municipal signage ordinances, the call is for “solutions, solutions, solutions!”

Here are some tips that can help increase the visibility — and viability — of your store, restaurant, office or organization.

1. Go mobile: Full or partial vehicle wraps applied to your cars, vans, trucks and trailers will not only spread your name around town, they’ll also serve as billboards that call attention to your location when parked out front in between sales, service or delivery runs.

2. Think clearly: Don’t let the promotional real estate of front or side windows and doors go to waste. Many cities regard window graphics as temporary signs and don’t apply the same strict standards to them as they do permanent storefront signage. 

3. Brighten up: If you haven’t already done so, consider illuminating your exterior signs. Newer lighted outdoor advertising signage including energy-efficient LED signs are a great way to increase your profile. Have a limited budget? A signage pro may be able to retrofit your current sign with bright light-emitting diode illumination.

4. Try temporary: Simple such as sidewalk or portable that you can set out every morning are another non-permanent solution that might be allowed by your city. However, as with all solutions suggested here, you’ll want to check first.

5. Go bold: Drive around town and see what businesses catch your eye. For example, if allowed by your city, will an awning or canopy help you stand out? A clock on the sidewalk can become a landmark over time, as might an electronic time-and-temperature display.

One last suggestion: Rethink everything! If your business or office sign is dated, you’d be well-advised to work with an experienced sign provider to review your municipal codes to see what’s allowable and discuss your options for a new one.

At minimum, a new outdoor advertising sign will attract some fresh looks and underscore the vibrancy of your business. At maximum, a new sign that’s optimally sized, advantageously sited and freshly redesigned may go a long way in ensuring your continued success, success, success!

Look to Signs Now for expert help in increasing the visibility of your location.