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5 Ways to Attract More Customers with Visually Appealing Retail Signage


5 Ways to Attract More Customers with Visually Appealing Retail Signage

The retail signs for your store or restaurant are the first impression you’ll have on customers––making them particularly vital for your marketing success.

After all, before you can impress consumers with your high-quality offerings, attentive service and competitive prices, you first need to draw them through the door. That’s where visually appealing retail signage can help! Here are some sign design tips for creating retail signage that’s interesting enough to be memorable while accurately reflecting your brand.

1. Choose the optimal size

A retail sign that’s too small can be easily missed by passersby, while ones that are too large can overwhelm and look out of place or—worse yet—become the background. Survey the efforts of neighboring businesses along with a professional from your sign company if possible, to get a good feel on sizing.

2. Be careful with colors

Bright colors can certainly stand out in sign design, but if you go with odd hues or strange combinations, you can create a negative impression. Focus on contrast as well as colors, using dark letters on a light background, or vice versa, to enhance readability.

3. Spread the promotional load

Rather than clutter up your primary retail signs with too much text, augment your outdoor advertising with window graphics or sidewalk signs. Easily updated, they enable you to keep your messaging fresh while avoiding overreliance on other retail signage.

4. Make a window display

Often highly effective for business locations with great foot traffic such as in downtown areas or on street corners, window displays can pique a consumer’s curiosity and encourage impulse sales. The best window displays are simple, imaginative and tell a story.

5. Experiment with orientation

Most retail store signs and restaurant signs are best displayed horizontally, but a vertical or even a skewed orientation might better suit your building façade or neighborhood. While you’re at it, consider custom sign designs in different, distinctive shapes.

A final tip: Don’t forget to check with local authorities before investing in production. Many cities have restrictions relating to the size, height, location, color and lighting of retail signage. An experienced local sign company should be able to assist you

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