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Commissioning Your Perfect Sign: From Sign Design and Project Management through Sign Installation


Commissioning Your Perfect Sign: From Sign Design and Project Management through Sign Installation

No matter how big or small — and whether permanent, temporary or intended for a special occasion — great signage doesn’t occur by happenstance. Working with a creative and experienced sign resource ensures that you will be guided through a proven signage process to achieve the results you seek.

Graphic Design

Your chosen provider’s sign designers will gather your input to better understand your specific business needs as well as any restrictions prior to commencing conceptual work. Your brand is, of course, important. So, whether designing event display signage, vehicle wraps, wall coverings or other types of signage, expect the sign designers to adhere to your company’s typeface, colors and other brand standards.


Considered an extra step by some, mockups are a great way for you to visualize your sign before it’s fabricated and installed. Using a photograph of your building, wall or vehicle, the graphic designer can use a computer program called Photoshop® to show you how your signage will look once it’s in place.

Not satisfied with what you see? Now is the time to adjust colors, shapes, typefaces and more until you’ve achieved the look you want!


Before giving you the go-ahead to install a permanent sign, many cities require you to submit a plan to ensure it meets regulations regarding size, location, lighting and the presence of other signs on the property. There’s often a fee, of course, but once you’ve received your permit you can confidently go ahead with the sign’s fabrication. This is an important part of the sign process — and one that’s overlooked at your own financial peril! 


After your sign is designed, permitted and fabricated, you will need to have it mounted. While it’s possible to do smaller jobs yourself, rely on the pros for bigger installations. They know the local standards, they’re insured, they’re licensed and they practice safety. They can also troubleshoot on the spot if they run into an obstacle.

Project Management

While all these signage process steps may sound complicated, they don’t have to be! With most professional signage companies, you’ll team up with an experienced project manager. For the duration of your project, he or she will work with you to ensure your expectations are met — and that your project’s budget, timing, quality and permitting (if required) are not compromised. The goal? Excellent communication, worry-free execution… and an exceptional project!

Rely on Signs Now for assistance with every aspect of the signage process — from initial inspiration through successful installation!

Signs Now provides the direction and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your business is projecting the right image — whether it’s updating the signage at your store, restaurant or facility or outfitting a new location with the latest effective and affordable solutions. We invite you to learn more about what Signs Now can do for you. To get started, contact us today