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Dimensional Signs: Add Depth to Catch the Eye


Dimensional Signs: Add Depth to Catch the Eye

Let’s get deep! By adding the dimension of depth to height and width, three-dimensional signs stand out from the wall on which you mount them –literally. Not only do 3D signs make an impression, they also rate highly in terms of performance!

Even with interior lighting, the shading of 3D letters, 3D logos and other 3D signs gives them better definition. When coupled with their affordable prices, this makes dimensional signs and letters a great choice for your business signage.

Inside, use custom 3D signs in reception areas, customer service departments or other places in your small business. Outside, mount dimensional signs on your building. Or, use them as elements within other business signs such as monument signs. Of course, 3D signs also work well indoors and outdoors as event signage.

Here are a couple of considerations when get starting in 3D signage:

Select your illumination.

Two-dimensional signs are limited to front lighting from a spotlight or other source. But with 3D signs, you can choose from more lighting options. For example, you can also illuminate three-dimensional signs with backlighting. Backlit 3D signs are brightened from behind, usually with LEDs.

In addition, you can face-light 3D signage. Face-lit three-dimensional letters and logo signs feature lighted, translucent acrylic fronts.

Choose your material.

Three-dimensional signs offer great flexibility in terms of price, quality and look. 3D lettering and signs come in all sizes and materials.  Materials include stainless steel and other metal letters. There are dimensional plastic letters in many types and styles. You can also select 3D foam letters as well as 3D wood signs.

Which is best for you? Wooden dimensional letters are traditional, sturdy and versatile. You can paint them or stain them. Plastic or acrylic 3D letters are cost effective and durable. Dimensional foam letters and logos are lightweight and low cost. Use them indoors where weather is not a factor. When durability and a classic look are important, go with three-dimensional metal letters. Cut or cast metal 3D sign options range from aluminum and brass to copper, stainless steel and more.

For expert assistance with dimensional signs and letters, rely on the pros at Signs Now .

Signs Now provides the direction and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your business is projecting the right image — whether it’s outfitting a new location with the latest effective and affordable solutions or updating the signage at your store, restaurant or facility. Of course, our expertise extends to custom 3D signs and dimensional letters of all types and for any budget. We invite you to learn more about what Signs Now can do for you. To get started, contact us today.