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How to Drive Customers Through Your Business’s Door with Effective Vehicle Wrap Design


How to Drive Customers Through Your Business’s Door with Effective Vehicle Wrap Design

Car and truck wraps are an exciting prospect for smaller businesses on a budget, due to their low-cost impressions and substantial reach. It’s clear that vehicle graphics can elevate a multi-channel marketing campaign to dizzying heights. But how can your company maximize your growth potential while conveying the perfect brand image on the go?

 Many companies and business owners don’t know the first thing about graphic design, and outsource the role to a graphic designer. But just because you have someone on the job doesn’t mean you can’t contribute and collaborate on the finished product.

Here are a Few Tips on How to Improve Your Vehicle Graphics Game:

1. Do Some Recon on Competitors’ Wraps.

The legendary Steve Jobs often said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” The same holds true for vehicle advertising – if you copy others’ designs, your vehicle will never stand out from the hundreds driving through your area.But that doesn’t mean you can’t disguise your sources of inspiration.

The key is to borrow multiple elements of design from different vehicle graphics, and then blend them together into a unique and bold product that is decidedly you.

If you’re having a graphic designer guide you through the process of wrapping your vehicle, point out what your favorite aspects of design are, and what hasn’t worked for you in the past.


2. The Brighter, the Better.

Car and truck wraps need to grab motorists’ attention, so don’t be afraid to reveal your colorful side. Pick bright colors that relate to your brand message and send a signal of professionalism. This will vary depending on the identity of your business.

Studies suggest that white, yellow and pink hues affect how sincere we perceive a brand, whereas red, orange, and yellow hues shape how exciting a brand seems. Likewise, perceived competence is correlated with brown and blue hues.

So, if you’re in the financial or real estate sector, you might want to choose a blue vehicle wrap. We know how exciting paperwork can be for you, and that red is your favorite color, but that’s probably not what a client values most in these fields!


3. Ward Off the Temptation to Overcrowd Your Graphics.

Sensory overload will get in the way of communicating relevant contact information, and even someone remembering your company name.

Remember: Motorists have three seconds to comprehend your vehicle advertising. If there’s too much going on, the brain will not be able to process multiple threads of information at once.


4. Make Sure Your Fleet Wraps Fit the Brand’s Identity.

This goes back to matching colors to your company’s persona, but it carries over into typeface, iconography, placement, and even the type of vehicle you place your graphics on.

Think about what your business represents, and try to write that down in no more than two sentences. Read it to yourself, and then look at your proposed design. Is your full vehicle wrap conveying the message in that sentence with only images, colors, and a call-to-action? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.


5. Personal Photos Fail to Communicate Key Info About your Business.

In the real estate world, personal photos are commonplace. You see them everywhere – on post and panel signs, real estate signs, and billboards – but all of those mediums have the luxury of time.

In three seconds, a photo of your agency or a self-portrait fails to convey your business’s function, brand name, and how you are better than your competitors. Not to mention, your face indicates zilch to the average consumer, unless you are a recognizable figure, or routinely on television spots.

Avoid the tacky, TV lawyer advertising tactics, and go with something respectable and clear.


6. Keep Ad Copy Short and Sweet.

Only four takeaways are necessary for most vehicle wrap applications: brand, tagline, website, and phone number.

Cluttering your vehicle with bulleted or numbered lists, a litany of every single service you offer, or testimonials will not help your cause. Concise wordage coupled with action verbs, such as try, buy, get, visit, etc., should be enough to indicate your offer while on the move.


7. Take Design Chances.

Precision can make or break a design. Contrary to what you might think, the loudest, boldest, most in-your-face design doesn’t always stand out.

Why? Because the vehicle wrap market is chock-full of companies attempting to outdo each other, creating visual cacophony in the process. Think about the overdone-CGI effect in Hollywood blockbusters: at a certain point, you can’t understand what’s happening, so you tune out. It’s called sensory gating, and trust us, you don’t want to be gated.

Stand out from the rest by creating a memorable, high impact design – with simplicity. Even partial car wraps can garner the same effect.


8. Make Sure the Wrapped Vehicle Gets Seen by the Right People.

A frequently touted figure from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) suggests that vehicle wraps can generate anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day. That’s a lot of people driving and strolling past your vehicle’s graphics.

But imagine advertising for an HVAC company on a national level. Is a wrapped vehicle marketing AC repair going to do better driving through the streets of Buffalo, New York, or gliding through the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona? The point is that sheer number of impressions isn’t always the most pertinent measure of success. At the end of day, it’s who you reach that matters most.


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