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Fleet Graphics: A Guide to Company Branding with Vehicle Wraps


Fleet Graphics: A Guide to Company Branding with Vehicle Wraps

If you’re considering fleet graphics for your company cars, trailers, or vans, you are not alone. Vinyl decals and lettering have made their way onto almost every semi-truck in America.

Given such popularity, few modern buyers doubt the value of vehicle graphics. The American Trucking Association found that 98% of consumers feel as though fleet graphics create a positive image for the company they represent. That’s a resounding show of support from B2B and B2C clientele!

Still, many people fail to play to the strengths of the medium. Vehicle graphics aren’t salesmen; they can’t strongarm a customer or business into a purchase – at least, not yet anyway. No, vehicle wraps should be used to create brand identity and showcase crucial business information (location, contact info, what your business does, et cetera).

Whether your company operates a fleet of semi-trucks or a couple of vans, you’ll need a comprehensive plan for how to implement effective outdoor advertising. We’ll walk you through the process, describing what to expect – as well as what to avoid.

Why fleet graphics anyway?

Now, we know you might be considering other advertising solutions. But most of the marketing avenues that occupy a similar niche – billboards, radio, newspaper listings – cost more, and deliver mixed results. Don’t just take our word for it: discover what puts fleet graphics above the rest…well, below.

  • Durability – Weather-resistant and fortified, trailer wraps last up to seven years when properly maintained. And, if you want something more flexible, temporary adhesive allows you to change them out on a regular basis.   
  • Affordability – In a 3M study comparing fleet impressions to other markets, they found that fleet graphics had a $0.48 CPM. That’s less than the cost of a chocolate bar for increased top-of-the-mind brand awareness!
  • Focused Audience Targeting – Sending out trucks to different regions? You can customize vehicle wraps to appeal to local sensibilities.
  • Impact – On average, Americans drive almost thirty miles per day. Most of these drivers are sitting in traffic, or coursing through major highways, just waiting to read your message.

Begin with a budget.

This (usually) goes without saying, but make sure you can afford to wrap all of the vehicles in your lineup. You don’t want a situation in which half of your trailers are completely wrapped, while the other half only feature vinyl lettering. Inconsistency between brand imagery is the bane of any marketing campaign.

Think about the type of wrap you want.

This is part and parcel with setting your budget. Generally, the less vinyl substrate you use, the less expensive your purchase. Keep in mind: Partial fleet graphics can still be just as effective as full body graphics, provided that your graphic designer is able to craft a clever design.

  • Partial WrapThese will integrate the color of your trailer or vehicle into the design of the vehicle wrap. Usually, partial wraps cover ½ to ¾ of the vehicle’s surface.
  • Full WrapJust as the name suggests, full wraps cover every square-inch of surface space on a vehicle. This allows for impressive, full-color graphics that rival even the most eye-catching billboards and roadside signage.
  • Vinyl Lettering & DecalsSometimes a simple message, logo, and call to action will suffice. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Type font, color, copy, and shape are all customizable.

Find the right messaging and call to action.

Avoid over-complex sentences and abstract poetics. A simple, seven-word message that suggests the underlying value of the company will pique a consumer’s interest, potentially inspiring them to take action when they need your service or product.

Don’t fancy yourself a wordsmith? Even the cheesiest slogan has the potential to become engrained in the minds of motorists. Don’t be afraid to employ rhymes, alliteration, or other catchy figures of speech.

Bring your design ideas to the consultation table.

Everything we make at Signs Now is custom. We want you to bring your vision into the project, so it’s important that you stay in touch with the design team. Outline what you like about certain competitor’s fleet wraps, as well as what you’d like to avoid.

Keep your fleet graphics pristine.

Here in the signage industry, UV rays are our mortal enemy. They tend to decrease longevity for almost all printed graphics – banners, signs, displays, you name it.

So, it should come as no surprise that vehicle graphics aren’t an exception to this rule. Sunlight can cause your graphics to fade, peel, and bubble. Keep your fleet in shaded areas, preferably in a garage.

Don’t use a gas station car wash! Hand-wash your fleet using mild soap, and then let each vehicle air-dry.

For more information on fleet graphics, you can rely on the experts at Signs Now®.

“How else can I get Fleet Vehicle Graphics to work for me?” you ask.  Find out with an expert site assessment courtesy of Signs Now®. We have an array of Vehicle Graphics, Wraps, & Decals for all applications and budgets. And if you’re looking for a temporary solution to vehicle advertising, we offer Vehicle Magnets. We invite you to learn more about what Signs Now can do for you. To get started, contact us today.