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How are plaques made - and what can I expect from the buying process?


How are plaques made - and what can I expect from the buying process?

Most businesses recognize the value of custom-engraved plaques. There’s no better way to express your appreciation for a hard worker, deserving department or retiring employee than with a custom-engraved plaque. They’re an excellent way to celebrate a current success or pay tribute to the past. Many companies also use custom plaques to emphasize the importance of their mission statement or core values. But if you’re considering purchasing one, you may be wondering how are plaques made, and what can you expect from the buying process?

A plaque is made from three components: a backboard, an underplate, and a top plate, which is the element that’s engraved.

  • To custom make a plaque, fabricators begin with the backboard. It’s usually made of a fine wood like alder, cherry, maple, oak or walnut. They can also be constructed from a wood composite, wrapped and finished to look like wood or painted black.
  • Underplates are cut to size from gold- or silver-color metal and attached to the backboard with industrial-strength adhesive. Their function? To provide an attractive border for the top plate.
  • Engraving on plaques is reserved for the top plate. It’s the component that displays your logo, the award text and the recipient’s name or other information. This design is usually precision-etched with a laser. Sometimes top plates are printed if you want to showcase a four-color logo or add elements like a certificate, photo or newspaper article.
  • Manufacturing glass plaques or making acrylic plaques follows a similar technique. With the former, the top plate is a raised glass panel that’s engraved. For the latter, sometimes the entire plaque is made from high-quality acrylic that’s custom engraved.

The backs of many wall plaques are equipped with hardware or are otherwise fabricated to allow for horizontal or vertical mounting. Other custom-engraved plaques have easel backs. With them, the plaque can stand on a desk or shelf.

What can you expect from the buying process?

There are many standard-style plaques you can engrave with your company’s logo, award information and recipient’s name. Other plaques are customized entirely to your own design. Work with your plaque provider to select the type that best meets your need and budget. They should be able to assist you with all aspects of custom-making a plaque — from selection and design to fabrication and delivery!


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