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How to Solve Wayfinding Challenges with Effective Directional Signage


How to Solve Wayfinding Challenges with Effective Directional Signage

From local corner cafes to multinational corporate headquarters, businesses of all types and sizes need wayfinding signage.

Wayfinding (i.e., navigation) is the ability of visitors, customers and guests to travel from Point A (often your lobby or reception area) to point B (usually an office, department or restroom) easily and on their first attempt… without getting lost or making frequent stops to ask for directions.

A thorough, clear wayfinding system is important for several reasons:

  • You only get but one chance to make a good first impression! So when visitors first enter your grounds or facility, your wayfinding approach (or lack thereof) can impress them… or frustrate them.
  • Most visitors expect a reasoned, well thought-out approach. In fact, they’ll actually resent businesses with signage deficiencies that result in misdirection, wasted motion and lost time because best practices in directional signage have become the standard.

All that said, wayfinding is no walk in the park—at least not for many businesses. Consider: 

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Whether it’s updating directional signage to conform with a new visual identity or a custom wayfinding solution for your entire property, Signs Now provides the direction and state-of-the-art technology to make sure your business is projecting the right image. We invite you to learn more about what Signs Now can do for you. To get started, contact us today.