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Auto-Shop 101 – Vehicle Graphics


Auto-Shop 101 – Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics History
Vehicle graphics have been around for as long as things with wheels have been delivering things without them! So long as the average person could read, it made sense to put the name of your business and what you offer on your cart. In many communities, competition for delivered goods sprang up quickly, and names associated with quick, reliable delivery were the first names in the business by default of being seen more frequently. People sent messages via Western Union not because they were the only provider, but because the iconic bright red wagons were visible, and made the brand.
The natural evolution of vehicles eventually led to bigger, more visible vehicle graphics found on train cars, and later, trucks and busses. The objective was still the same. Make sure they see your product going where they are, and they’ll remember it.
The Leap from Delivery Vehicles
Eventually, people came to realize that there were more vehicles on the road than just company owned delivery vehicles. Everything from Sedans to City Busses had broad, high impression surface areas that could make a very distinct mark on a community. The ability to reach different eyes every single day, as opposed to a traditional billboard, but still remain in the target market is very attractive.
Today, vehicle graphics adorn everything from delivery vehicles to eye-catching hot rods, and advertise everything from food trucks to foot races. They can be full wraps, partial wraps, lettering, ready to apply, or even framing systems that allow quick, easy and inexpensive swaps at any time! They appear on trucks, buses, boats, aircraft, even industrial & emergency vehicles.
Quick & Easy Install
Today’s vehicle graphics can be installed as easily as putting a magnet on the side of a car door, or as intricate as a multi-element wrap that takes great care and dedication to install properly. Either way, Signs Now can execute with care, speed and skill. Contact Signs Now for more information!
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