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What can plaques be used for? Employee recognition probably tops the list!


What can plaques be used for? Employee recognition probably tops the list!

What can plaques be used for?

Employee recognition probably tops the list!

If your company is like most others, you probably compensate your workers fairly and reach out to them with words of praise or encouragement for jobs well done or extra efforts extended. That said, it may pay to formalize your employee recognition efforts. Consider these four benefits of using corporate award plaques, recognition wall plaques and sales awards. With them, you can:

1. Improve productivity: Reward hard work or extra achievement with custom-engraved award plaques or sales awards. Why? With an established recognition program, your team will learn what’s average and what’s exceptional. Many employees will improve their quality of work as they strive to earn recognition.

2. Encourage teamwork: Along with individual employee awards, be sure to acknowledge the achievement of departments or teams with engraved plaques. If extra efforts are recognized in a group, team or departmental basis, your employees will be encouraged to assist their co-workers.

3. Spur friendly competition: Will the western region’s team win the sales award this year, or will the southern region’s group take it again? A corporate award plaque or recognition wall plaque may be just enough to prompt a boost in effort. Just be sure to establish the standards up front. Of course, you’ll want to apply your recognition awards to individual workers, too.

4. Retain your best workers: Almost everyone likes to be lauded for their hard work, extra effort and singular successes. Engraved employee awards and corporate plaques are a great place to start. Your company will gain a greater chance of retaining your hardest working employees if they know their efforts are being valued.

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More great uses for plaques

There’s no better way to express appreciation to a hard worker, deserving team or retiring employee than with a custom-engraved plaque. But why stop there? When mounted on a wall in a prominent place, you can also use them to underscore the importance of your company’s mission statement or core values.

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