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What will make my trade show display stand out?


What will make my trade show display stand out?

Trade shows are a great way for you to showcase your company’s products or services. By their very attendance, the people who come to such events have signaled their interest in what you have to offer!

The question is: How best to make the most of the opportunity? In an event space filled with competitors, you need to ask yourself, “What will make my custom display stand out?”

First, do your homework. Contact the trade show organizer and read up on the event literature or show website. Check the size of your custom display space and if it will have nearby wall space for signage. Are electrical outlets available? Will tables for displays be available? And, is it possible to hang ceiling banners over your convention display stand?


8 tips on making your trade show display stand out

Thus informed, here are eight ideas on how to make your trade show custom display stand out and draw prospect after prospect!

1. Consider a pop-up display.
Exhibitors on a small budget can make a big impression with a pop-up trade show display. Most fold out, but others inflate. Either way, you can create an attractive pop-up trade show display that features your logo and key graphics. A huge variety of pop-up trade show displays are available in terms of sizes, prices and capabilities. As a plus, most pop-up trade show displays are easily set up, taken down, shipped or stored between shows.

2. Go with a table top display.
Another option while working with a limited budget, table top displays are affordable and portable. Table top displays often come in three- or four-panel styles. They’re large enough to showcase your information but small enough to fold-up, carry or even ship to your next event! If going with a table top display, you’ll also want a table top covering or table runner, table skirt and even portable spotlights!

3. Get the hang of banners.
Trade show ceiling banners, for example, will alert attendees to the location of your custom display stand. Retractable banner stands are another excellent display idea. Also called roll-up banner stands, they’re popular for trade show displays because of how easily and quickly they can be set up and taken down. 

4. Place signs everywhere.
Create trade show signs directing attendees to your custom display location and alerting them to the benefits they’ll enjoy when visiting. Post them in as many sites as possible such as on nearby walls and entranceways. Some exhibitors go so far as to placing trade show signage in the lobbies of nearby hotels where attendees are likely to stay!

5. Distribute giveaways.
For your trade show giveaways, think of advertising items on which you can print your business name, logo and contact information. Pens, magnets and key rings are but a few possible items to pass out at your custom display. People like to take home nice things! These goodies not only build good will, but also serve as a reminder of your business long after you pack up your convention display stand!

6. Pass out sales information.
Stock a good supply of business cards to distribute at your convention display stand. Also consider sales flyers, brochures or even USB thumb drives with product or service specifications. Tip: Pass out lower-cost versions to all. Save your more deluxe items for those who express genuine interest. Or, use the promise of a better brochure as an excuse to follow-up after the show in person or by mail to keep the sales contact strong. 

7. Create and show a video. Use it to introduce your company, explain your products or services, and demonstrate their benefits. Projection screens or large-screen computers at your custom display will attract attention and help present your story.

8. Offer some snacks.
Serving cookies, chocolates, coffee, soft drinks or water can be a strategic way to attract visitors to your convention display stand. You’ll gain the appreciation of hungry or thirsty attendees! Bags, packages, candy bars or water bottles labeled with your company logo can satisfy their thirst or hunger – and your branding outreach needs!

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