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Why Your Business Needs ADA Signage


Why Your Business Needs ADA Signage

Why your business needs ADA signage

They are everywhere in public buildings: ADA-compliant signs that feature braille and tactile letters in easy-to-read colors. But as an owner or manager of a restaurant, store, office or other establishment, you’ve probably wondered, “Why does my business need ADA signage?”


ADA signage: It’s a law that applies to almost all buildings. 

If your company offers goods or services to the public, then it falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The part of the law that covers ADA requirements for buildings states that stores, restaurants, bars, service establishments, theaters and hotels have to comply with set regulations. So must recreational facilities, private museums and schools, offices for doctors and dentists, shopping malls and other businesses. ADA requirements for small businesses apply no matter the size of the firm or the age of your building.


ADA signage: It must be posted in most places.

What are the ADA requirements for buildings? Permanent rooms and spaces must be identified with ADA signs. Lobbies, meeting rooms, offices, vending machine areas and kitchens should be all be labelled. ADA signage for your building also applies to exits, elevators and stairways. Inside a stairwell, for example, every door must be identified with an ADA sign that indicates the floor level, stair level and the exit level.


ADA signage: It’s not just about signs.

It’s not enough to simply purchase and mount ADA-compliant signage for your building. Wall ADA signs, for example, must follow ADA mounting height requirements as well as specific sign mounting locations. ADA signs for your business should be adhered to the wall on the latch side of the door. Overhead and projecting ADA signs for your office are governed by similar regulations.


ADA signage: It does need not be displayed everywhere.

When addressing ADA requirements for buildings, know that there are exceptions to some applications. Building addresses, parking signs and directories do not have to be ADA compliant. Nor do signs you’ll post for seven days or less, which are considered temporary signs.


ADA signage: It’s good business!

When satisfying ADA requirements for small businesses, don’t get hung up on the costs of ADA signage for your building. Think of the opportunity! More than 50 million people in America have a disability,and with an aging population, that number will only rise. When a customer with a disability discovers the effort you’ve put in to meet their needs, it’s likely you’ll have made a loyal customer!


ADA signage: It’s also branding or interior décor opportunity!

ADA requirements for buildings can be met in one of two ways. You can approach your signage provider and select from any number of “off-the-shelf” ADA signage options. Low in cost and fully compliant, they’re a workmanlike option for factories and manufacturers, but hardly an inspiring one!


Your other choice? One-of-a-kind custom signs that adhere to ADA requirements for buildings. With them, you can add your company logo, colors and graphics as well as braille and tactile letters in high contrast. The result is ADA-compliant signage that supports your branding or accents your interior décor!


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