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Henzlik Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Sight NOT unseen! Signs Now – Lincoln, Nebraska covers a lecture hall’s aging and unsightly acoustic panels with an innovative new solution featuring attractive graphics.



To decrease ambient noise and improve acoustics, a large lecture hall in the Henzlik Hall building at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln featured sound-absorbing panels on its two side walls. Mounted in a series of plain, tan-colored squares, their design was uninspiring, especially in such a creative space.

While completing another project on campus, Signs Now – Lincoln, school administrators asked: Could Signs Now offer a new sound-cancelling solution with bright and attractive graphics? One caveat. There was no room in the budget for taking down the old wall tiles.



Intrigued at the challenge, Signs Now – Lincoln devised a unique solution. First, they cut 21 new acoustic panels in a variety of rectangular sizes from one-inch, sound-absorbing foam. As the same time, they printed a series of color images on polyester fabric. The graphics featured campus scenes along with other views that reflected Nebraska’s rich agricultural heritage.

Next, the sign maker stretched the printed fabric around the edges of the rectangles and stapled it to the backs. The noise-canceling foam wall panels now framed an array of attractive photos!



Installing the new panels over the old was the final challenge. To address it, Signs Now – Lincoln glued sheets of melamine board to the aged acoustic tiles and covered each facing with Velcro fastening material. With the measure, the lecture hall’s colorful new sound-absorbing panels adhered securely.

The sign maker’s custom fabrication and innovative mounting solution garnered many compliments. In the words of appreciation from one University administrator: “Wow! Stopped by Henzlik and the walls look awesome!” Signs Now – Beavercreek went to work.


Go to the head of the class! Signs Now – Lincoln’s success in fabricating and installing the noise-canceling graphic panels for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has put them at the head of the line for additional projects.

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