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How to Successfully Conduct a Sign Audit


How to Successfully Conduct a Sign Audit

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As a business, you should be making regular reviews of your signs and graphics to ensure they’re communicating any new procedures or brand updates that you may have, as well as complying with guidelines from OSHA, ADA and more.   

Your regular everyday signs and graphics may need some updating or replacing. Colors naturally fade after extended exposure to the elements and sunlight. Maybe your branding has evolved, or even the entire nature of your business.  

So, what’s an easy solution to figuring out what your sign and graphics needs are? Conduct an audit of your space’s interior and exterior for signage. If you’re a retailer or restaurant that uses a lot of seasonal signs throughout the year, you may benefit from doing this several times per year. Other businesses and organizations may only need to plan for this once annually, or maybe every other year. 

But what should you look for when auditing? Here are a few tips: 

  1. Make sure your signs are visible. Begin with the obvious question: can customers see your signage? This might seem like an extremely basic thing, but trees, foliage and discarded objects can obscure a sign. Competing signs from other businesses (or even your own signs!) can do the same. And while pandemic-related signage is important, make sure it’s not blocking out signs like ADA signs or regulatory signs
  2. Use color to your advantage. Are your signs eye-catching and vibrant, or have the colors on your graphics become dull and faded? Color has a huge impact on the way people view your signs. Check out our Sign Visibility Guide to learn about the best kinds of color combinations. 
  3. Check your messaging. Does your signage correctly communicate new safety measures and operating measures such as contactless delivery, new entrances and exits, and updated store hours? Be sure to check office or resident directories and retailer tenant panels on pylon signs. Is all the information up-to-date? 
  4. Maintain a unified look. Have you updated your logo, typeface or corporate colors recently? Your branding should be cohesive across all fronts, but signage is often the last element to get an upgrade. If you need help on how to improve your branding, check out our Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Branding
  5. Upgrade signs in disrepair. Check for burned-out lights, loose fittings and any fading. Studies have shown that a majority of people are deterred from even entering a business that has poor signage quality. Be sure to check out our Sign Maintenance Checklist for more tips on how you can upgrade your worn-out signs. 
  6. Stay in compliance with ADA. During your audit, take the time to ensure you’re sticking to all the latest ADA and OSHA regulations, as well as your city or municipality’s current codes. Non-compliance can result in substantial fines! You can check our ADA Signs and Regulations infographic for more information. 
  7. Use your space effectively. Don’t just focus on what you have; imagine the signage you may be missing! Floor and ceiling graphics are just two examples of how once-overlooked sign real estate is now being put to good use. Vehicle graphics are another great sign opportunity. 

For help with your next sign audit, call Signs Now! Contact us to set up an appointment. We’ll discuss your needs and find an affordable, professional signage and display solution best-suited to you.