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CASE STUDY: Ignite Medical Resort


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Project Summary

Usually, sign projects have the luxury of time to deliver and install new signage. However, when installation involves rebranding an entire building downtown, no amount of pre-planning or experience can eliminate traffic or control the weather. Every second matters. When a medical resort contacted Signs Now, we had to face a new set of challenges all at once. See what we pulled from our years of experience and our specialized toolbox to help a fast-paced healthcare provider look better than ever.


In this comprehensive signage overhaul for a four-story medical resort, Signs Now had multiple interrelated factors to consider and resolve. Even a single sign upgrade can be a big job requiring designers and fabricators to analyze the client’s needs and evaluate critical options.

This full signage rebrand project required Signs Now to perform multiple concurrent tasks - a complete site review, brand study and turnkey estimate, then weigh them all against aesthetic design parameters and building code specific to that area.


Signs Now immediately got down to business and assigned teams to work independently and collaboratively to come up with designs, approvals and delivery schedules. The main strategy was to develop a consistent signage solution for rehab patients, staff and visitors that would be evocative of the center’s commitment to quality, safety and patient satisfaction. Fortunately, the Signs Now installation teams have the experience and equipment to complete interior and exterior installations simultaneously, which smoothed the transition for staff and patients.

Exterior Building Signs


Site Signage 

From the resort’s street level ID, to their parking areas, overall site signage was revised and improved. Using a variety of materials, digital printing, traditional printing and custom shapes, signs throughout were replaced with upgraded designs, colors and fonts.

Wayfinding Signs 

To d

Directory Signs 

To help patients and visitors get to appointments faster and easier, all the wall-mounted directories were revised and redesigned to be simpler and consistent, while reflecting the resort’s new level of excellence. Similar styles were applied to all room signage, for a clean reassuring look.

Lobby Signs


Acrylic Signage

This elegant yet affordable solution improves getting around the facility’s halls and hubs, while clearly identifying rooms and care centers. They can be easily replaced and updated.

Vehicle Graphics

These colorful, head-turning designs were applied to all sides of the resort’s fleet vehicles. Bold designs help the facility extend its brand all around town and promote its range of care services as their vans travel to consultations, deliveries and meetings.

Window Graphics 

To provide the effect of etched glass, we applied frosted vinyl graphics on all the major windows. Affordable and durable, this solution avoids the hassle and potential for breakage of true etched glass.


The new signage has been very popular for its aesthetic appearance and practicality. The resort is excited to show off the new look and feels that the signs have elevated its brand in the eyes of customers. Management was relieved and appreciative of the Signs Now commitment to the task. In one instance, Signs Now had to close streets and sidewalks throughout one week in order to remove exterior channel letters on three sides of the building and replace the stucco before installing new letters. Snow and cold delayed further progress, but our crew caught a break and worked arduously to complete the exterior work in time for the grand unveiling at the medical resort's Open House.