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Reimagine COVID Signs & Graphics


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Though your specific situation was likely somewhat unique, chances are that last year you ordered some signs and graphic solutions to help your business navigate the volatility created by the pandemic. Whether you needed to limit the amount of people in your space, direct visitors to specific curbside pickup areas, or help your customers and clients safely navigate your building, you likely had a specific goal in mind to help keep your company going while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. 

Fortunately, things seem to be looking up! In many areas, lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, or have lifted completely, allowing for a sense of normalcy to return. You may not need to limit the number of guests in your store or space out foot traffic in your aisles anymore. 

But rather than toss out those COVID-related products you purchased, consider reusing them! Many of the signs and graphic options that were ideal for navigating the pandemic can still be useful to you in the future.  

How To Reimagine Your Covid Sign Investment

How to reimagine your covid sign investmentA-frames: These are one of the most durable and versatile sign options out there, so don’t let your A-frame purchase go to waste! Most A-frame styles allow you to swap out the graphics contained within, meaning that you can reuse your signage for plenty of future occasions. Use them to denote curbside pickup areas, promote a special event, showcase a daily special, or just add a friendly welcoming message to draw customers into your store. Since they’re able to stand up to harsh weather throughout the year, this is a great option for you to re-imagine and re-use again and again without spending much of your marketing budget on brand-new signage for each occasion. 

Acrylic Barriers: If you’ve put up acrylic barriers around your store or restaurant’s cash wrap, don’t just toss them – take advantage of them! Consider using some of that space for graphics to promote your business’s products and services. By applying either permanent graphics, or more temporary solutions like static clings, you can meet your customers right at eye level during check-out to remind them of special deals they may have glossed over. Plus, during cold and flu season, they can still serve their original purpose by protecting your staff from the spread of germs. 

Banner Stands: You may have ordered standing banners last year to help your customers and clients with wayfinding, handwashing reminders, or updated building policies. But just because your messaging may have changed, that doesn’t mean that your banner purchase should go to waste – simply update the banner and reuse the stands to save yourself some cash! Banner stands can be reused for promoting your promotional events, highlighting special sales or showcasing new products.  

Hygiene Stations: Cleanliness isn’t becoming any less important, so don’t toss those handwashing or hygiene stations! Keep them around and continue to refill them throughout the year. Station them near high-touch areas in your building as a friendly reminder for your customers, clients and staff to stay safe, clean and healthy. 

Those are just a few options for how you can re-envision your COVID signs and graphics. Though your messaging has likely changed significantly since this time last year, that doesn’t mean you need entirely new communication solutions. Take a look at your signs and see what can be reinvigorated in your post-pandemic environment!