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Three Signs for Your Next Open House


Three Signs for Your Next Open House

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Real estate agents and property managers know how important open houses are. Whether you’re showing a refreshed single-family home, opening new apartments for rent, or are looking to fill tenants in a brand-new shopping center, it’s important to use such an event to make the right first impression.  

It may be a seller’s market right now, but that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for any offer that comes in. With a good open house event at your available property, you can ensure that you bring in as many people as possible – which means more interested eyes, more potential bids and offers, and more profit for you! 

Ensuring that your local community knows about your open house event is the first step to success. Consider these three signage options to help draw attention to your location before and during your next event. 

Banners: A tried-and-true signage option for events of all shapes and sizes, banners continue to be counted on due to their durable nature and versatility. If you’re planning on showcasing a new commercial or industrial property, placing a banner out front that reads “Open House This Weekend!” can help business owners and potential tenants make note of your location and plan their time accordingly. For large residential properties or developments, banners can alert motorists and pedestrians to units becoming available and the best phone number or website to reach out to for more information. 

Feather Flags: Ideal for use on the day of an event, feather flags can draw in a lot of attention due to how they’re designed. Whether made in a feather, teardrop or rectangle shape, feather flags (also known as flutter flags) are popular for events due to how they catch the wind. Even in light breezes, these flags flutter in the wind and add an instant dynamic visual impact to any event. With the ability to print things like “Open House Today!” on them, you can also re-use them at multiple future open houses, too. 

Yard Signs: Both before and during your next open house, yard signs can pack a big punch into a small sign. Before the event, place yard signs around your community to ensure everyone knows when and where it’s happening. During the open house itself, you can use yard signs to help direct traffic towards your location or even to specific parking areas. 

Need more inspiration for signage and graphics for your next open house event?

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