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With retail signage leading the way, brick-and-mortar stores are alive and well.


With retail signage leading the way, brick-and-mortar stores are alive and well.

Contrary to popular belief, brick-and-mortar stores are alive, well and even thriving—despite the much-praised power of the Internet!

In fact, the Robin Report says that in 2014, about 80 percent of sales took place in stores, whereas e-commerce represented only 6 percent of the $4.5 trillion spent in the U.S. alone. The report also notes that the annual growth rate of Internet sales is slowing; from 30 percent in 2004 to about 16 percent in 2014 … and is projected to be less than 10 percent in 2018.

Another significant fact? Half of these e-commerce sales took place in-store, for example, through emailed offers collected by shoppers at their local brick-and-mortar location.

So, what’s driving this resurgence in retail? Here are five key reasons:

1. Interactive experiences. Today’s shoppers desire an informative, immersive experience, whether they are on their couch, on-the-go … or in a store. Digital signs and interactive kiosks empower them with information helps them make smarter buying decisions. Better yet, it often does so in an engaging and entertaining way!

2. The power of branding: Through signage, graphics and more, smart retailers are embracing the power of their brand to strengthen their bond with shoppers. Experts note that retail environments will increasingly reflect what shoppers see and feel online, in social media and in other channels.

3. Interaction and gratification. People go to retail stores for social interaction and instant gratification rather than waiting for delivery of their online purchases at home, report retail specialists.

4. Better use of consumer data. Today’s ever-more sophisticated electronic measurement tools are enabling retailers to better track customer habits. And by identifying their motivations, stores can create compelling reasons to induce shoppers to come back—including discounts, special offers and other enticing opportunities.

5. A sense of discovery. Brick-and-mortar businesses often have the advantage over e-commerce alternatives in introducing customers to new and unexpected products. It’s easier and more rewarding for customers to discover new items, especially if directed to them by well-positioned signage, graphics or displays.

Let an expert be your guide. Experienced in all aspects of retail signage, Signs Now will help you select from many options that best meet your objectives. To get started, contact us today.

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