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Promoting Your Business with Vehicle Graphics

Ever catch yourself in traffic staring at vehicle graphics? A cool design, bright colors, just something to look at other than the sea of brake lights escorting you home. It’s no wonder vehicle graphics have quickly become the leading form of outdoor advertising here in the Seattle area. This article by Signs Now Everett is a look under the hood on how and why:

Non-Aggressive Advertising
Vehicle graphics grab people's attention. They do so naturally and without the pushiness of other forms advertising. Viewers are minimally distracted as your message drives by and often enjoy seeing our striking designs on the road. Many other forms of advertising rely on interrupting a viewer, setting a negative tone from the start and reducing responsiveness.

Maximize Impressions
While billboards and brochures sit there, waiting for viewers, auto graphics are out making new impressions everywhere they go. You can reach more viewers with vehicle graphics than almost any other form of advertising. Even better the viewers will be along your business routes, increasing the chance of gaining new clientele within your service areas.

Peace of Mind
Want to make your customers feel safe and like they are working with a professional company? Brand your vehicle. Especially for home services, a branded vehicle is an effective way to instill a sense of trust and honesty in consumers. Instead of the wondering if that big white van is your company or not, people will instantly know that your business is there and ready to assist them.

Vehicle Resale
Full vinyl wraps are more than design, they can also help keep your vehicle’s exterior in good condition. The high-quality wrap vinyl we use can help avoid scratches and other wear to the exterior paint. Our expert install team can remove the wrap when you are ready to sell the vehicle helping you achieve a maximum return.

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