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Vehicle Graphics Ideas - Seattle


Vehicle Graphics Ideas - Seattle


Whether you have a new business out to make a name for itself or an established company working to stay ahead of the competition, vehicle graphics will put your business on the cutting edge of advertising. Follow these tips to shift your advertising into high gear.


Tip #1: More impressions for less money.
The numbers don’t lie. One vinyl car wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily -- and even more in urban media markets, like Seattle. That’s more than 10 million impressions per year. And vehicle wraps boost name recognition 15 times more than any other form of advertising.


Tip #2: Maximize your return on investment.
The cost of advertising over the life of a vehicle is minimal, especially when compared to other forms of advertising. An added bonus? Automotive wraps protect your car’s finish, so when it’s time to sell or upgrade your company fleet, your car will sparkle like it’s brand new, a major plus for resale.


Tip #3: Think big.
Nothing stands out from the crowd quite the same way that a vehicle wrap does. When possible, opt for a partial or full body vehicle wrap in bold colors. You won’t just be noticed; you’ll be remembered.


Tip #4: Turn commute time into advertising time.
Whether you’re driving to a job, stuck in traffic, or just parked on the street, a vehicle graphic is the ideal way to advertise your business. A colorful graphic captures the attention of everyone passing down the street, effectively promoting your company, services and products.


Tip #5: Create your own company fleet.
Add your business logo and contact information to your vehicles and instantly create a professional company fleet.


Tip #6: Bring in the professionals.
When properly applied, vehicle graphics can last up to seven years. Take the time to find a team of properly trained professionals with the right equipment, including a dust-free heated garage, to ensure your vehicle graphics get applied right the first time.


Tip #7: Don’t forget the roof!
When wrapping your vehicle or adding a graphic, don’t forget about the car roof. This adds an extra bang for your buck in urban communities, like Seattle, which have tall buildings.


Tip #8: Be your own moving billboard.
Does your company use a van or truck for work deliveries or service calls? A vehicle graphic is a great way to take advantage of all that unused surface area. Turn ‘lost time’ on the road commuting to jobsites into valuable advertising time.


Tip #9: Pay once, advertise for years.
Traditional advertising requires constant payments (one payment to produce a TV commercial, then payments again every time the commercial airs), which can quickly blow your entire marketing budget. With vehicle advertising, you’ll just pay once (initial installation), but you’ll reap the benefits every time you drive down the road.


Tip #10: Reach every possible demographic.
With vehicle advertising, potential customers can’t just change the TV channel or toss a direct mail flyer in the trash. You’ll cut through the clutter of traditional advertising and get noticed – by everyone. You’ll reach virtually every demographic, regardless of age, income, ethnicity and gender.


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