8 Ways to Advertise in Bothell Using Custom Signs & Wraps. Why Does It Matter? Learn Ideas Now!
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Why Custom Signs & Wraps are the Ultimate Marketing Tools to Target Both Existing and Prospective Customers


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This post highlights eight ways to use custom signs and wraps to market your brand in Bothell and design considerations when using this product promotion plan.

8 ways of marketing your brand using custom signs & wraps:

It is most suitable for businesses that provide basic day to day services such as restaurants. Place it where it can be seen from a distance. Again the message should be catchy. Remember, creativity is crucial when using sidewalk signs.

  • Window signs

window storefront graphicsWhile sidewalk signs may attract charges from the municipal or inconvenience other sidewalk users, window graphics do not. You can have you message installed on the windows for all passers-by to see. If properly done, you can minimize the number of window shoppers as they rarely become customers.

  • Wall graphics

Save money on billboards by the walls of your premises to sell your brand. Customized wall wraps are a cheaper way to market your brand as you can keep the wall wrap in place for as long as you wish without incurring any additional cost.

  • Wraps

There is no better way of selling your product in Bothell City than to have the brand name wrapped in the front of your shop. Customer wraps are better than the traditional painting because it can be made to depict what you want. The logo, motto, and call to action can all be captured on it. Even better, they do not have color limitations as paints.

  • Vehicle graphics

partial graphics wrap transitIn addition to having your brand wrapped on the front entrance of your store, you can increase your reach by placing it on your vehicle. Car wraps are an excellent marketing strategy if you supply your products directly to your customers. This strategy allows you to, market your brand to road users all over the city.

  • Street signs

Still, on road advertisement, think of having a street to yourself. The street sign should either point people to your location or provide information about your products and services. A roundabout is a prime place to have a street sign. Other places include junctions and next to stop signs on main highways.

  • Portable Displays

They include customized banners and portable booths. They are a great tool for use during trade shows. You can as well choose portable trade show booths to go hand in hand with your business banner.

  • Stickers and labels

custom labelsPersonalize your marketing plan through the use of stickers. If you supply products, stick your contacts on the items. You can also offer free branded stickers to your customers. Take it a notch higher by rewarding your faithful, customers with engraved nameplates. Engraved metal tags are also an excellent way of keeping your brand in the minds of your customers.

  • Designing signs

A market research by FedEx office which polled over 500 small businesses in the US found out that millennials prefer creative graphics and signage more than baby boomers. The older generation seems to be more comfortable with simple signs.

Consequently, careful thought is required when designing signs as millennials form the majority of consumers unless your product is specifically for the seniors. There several factors to consider when designing your signs. Here are only four of them.

  • Color

Studies have shown that color is used to recognize a brand 80% of the time. An example is the ubiquitous red coke. Much care should be taken when choosing a color that can stand the test of time. This means that the urge to use only current or modern colors in the design of your sign should be stifled in favor of those that guarantee future use.

  • Readability

A high contrast design enhances the readability of a sign. The most conventional way to achieve this is by having the graphics or text on a continuous background. The foreground and background should have contrasting colors. The readability of the sign can also be improved by having a border around the graphics.

  • Logo

The aim of using signs is to create brand recognition. It is important to include your logo on the sign as this is what the customers will see this on your website. They should be able to recognize the consistency between the brand on a wall graphics and the one on the internet.

The placement of the logo is also important. It should arrest the reader’s attention before they see the text. To achieve this, your logo should be placed on the part of the space that is the most visible.

  • Hire professionals

Putting up a sign that properly advertises your brand in the city is a task that you should leave to the professionals. They understand and have what it takes to design signs. The cost of having a professional eye look into your advertisement needs might be high at first, but it will be worth it in the long run.

There also specific signs and wraps that must be done by professionals. Custom car graphics, for example, require the attention of experts. First, it can be done in a controlled environment that is possible to have only at the sign manufacturer’s garage. 

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