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Here is How You Can Market Your Business Using Custom Signs


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custom vehicle wraps & custom signsWhen building your business’ brand in Edmonds, you should take the time to select an effective product promotion strategy. In this digital age, online reputation is a crucial strategy. It is a useful tool for reaching the online audience. While the effectiveness of online content marketing cannot be overrated, it cannot be used as the sole marketing strategy.

A traditional way that has been used over the years with confirmed success is the use of signs. If you have not considered using it to market your retail business in Edmonds City then here are some facts to consider.

1. Effective advertisement

storefront window graphicsIt is the most cost-effective means of all the available product promotions strategies. Signs will market your business for the rest of their lifetime at no additional cost besides the design and installation costs.

2. Attention grabber

A FedEx survey showed that an outdoor sign attracted 8 out of 10 customers who entered a store for the first time. 68% of consumers who took part in the survey admitted there are products they could not have bought were it not for the sign on the sidewalk, window or entrance.

3. Highly efficient

Statistics by the Small Business Association shows that 50% of the sales that businesses receive are due to signs advertisement. 85% of these result from signage placed within a 5-mile radius from the store.

Factors to consider when designing signs

Signs are disguised salespersons for your business. It is possible to have them speak more effectively to your prospective customers than people. If you are planning to have a custom sign or banner then here are tips on how to go about it.

  • The 5-second rule:

The rule paraphrased goes something like, “let the reader understand the main point of your sign at a glance.” While you need to be witty and arrest attention, do not bombard readers with information. Remember most of the readers will be passers-by or in vehicles. If it cannot be read in 5 seconds, then make it short.

  • Standard message hierarchy

Readers are used to having information delivered to them in the usual format of headline, body, and call to action. While creativity should be let loose when designing your sign message, it should take this hierarchy format.

  • Punchline matters

A driving principle in journalism is to have a catchy punch line and a heading that arrests attention. This is true when designing a sign for your business.


Do you want to tell people to buy your products, check the latest updates or invite them to an upcoming event? Communicate the goal of your sign clearly though using as few words as possible.

  • Visibility

You do not want your wall graphics or custom window graphics lost or blurred by the background color. Ensure your sign is highly visible but not glaring. The mixing and matching of colors need to provide an impressive visual impression just as much as it should blend with the surrounding.

Achieving all these signs design requirements requires the expertise and experience of professionals. Hire experienced sign advertisement experts to handle your need. They can take care of all sign styles and their installation. The next part explains the different styles you can use to sell your brand in Edmonds city.

Different types and styles of Custom signs

Sign are categorized into different categories depending on their purpose. They fall into two broad classes, advertisement, and accessibility signs.

wall graphics & business logoAdvertisement signs

  • Outdoor signs: it is the most common advertisement sign. You can have them on the sidewalk, at the entrance or the street corner. You can also have them on your windows as window graphics. Alternatively, opt for large wall graphics. It will give you more space to sell your product. Nonetheless, the principles of quality signs design still apply.
  • Street signs: though an outdoor sign, street signs are unique in their design and delivery. If strategically situated, the name of your brand can replace the street. Have experts design this signage according to the prevailing laws in the city.
  • Banners: you can sell your business by having custom business banners outside your store. When attending a tradeshow, banners are the most efficient way to promote your product. They can carry more information than an average sign and are easy to carry around.
  • Booths: When attending trade shows, complement banners with portable tradeshow booths and event graphics. You can have these for specific occasions or use universal displays which bear the general features of your business.
  • Vehicle graphics: There is no better way of having your brand name seen all over town than having your company vehicle wrapped in custom car graphics. Vehicle wraps are an effective way of communicating your brand to the public. You can partner with a public transport company and have them have your brand as part of their bus graphics.
  • Stickers: it is the least expensive signs style you can use. You can customize stickers to make them suitable for various people. They must not always be about your product. You can have any information that affects your target group as long as you are not promoting competitors.

Accessibility signs

ADA & Room ID signsOnce advertisement signs have brought customers to your premise, accessibility signs are used to guide them in your store. One way to make customers feel comfortable is by making it easy for them to find their way around your premise. Start by having ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant signs at different parts of your building.

Outdoor accessibility signs include custom parking signs and yard signs. You can use engraved nameplate to guide your clients indoors. These can be used to differentiate different stores, offices, convenience areas and to mark out restricted-access spaces.


The use of signs should be the foundation of marketing your business in Edmonds despite this being the internet age. You can use several signs styles to sell your business in the city. In spite of your choice, quality is a critical factor in determining the success of your investment. Hire an experienced signage company to help you with this marketing strategy.

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