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custom vehicle wraps & custom signsYour business is not going far without good advertising. Business signs are still the best way to get the word out about your company. 

Of course, you can always go the general route when finding signage, which probably means buying a standard ad from an average creator. Or, you can attempt to do things yourself with the help of the Internet. Either way, the result is not going to be something that you would want to share with all of your friends. 

There are some instances in a business where cutting corners are allowed: advertisement is not one of them, though. Your Lynnwood company deserves the best in all aspects of its life. What better way to show your passion for the business than with a custom-made sign. 

Why custom signs?

custom design shape signsYour business ad, whether a sidewalk sign or banner in the window, is the first thing that consumers see. Do you really want them to get a glimpse of something that is broken down and ready for pasture? Of course, you don’t! 

Custom signs serve as your business’ guidepost that encourages customers to pay attention to what you are doing inside. This marketing option is especially beneficial to newbies since local clientele is limited. Your sidewalk sign or inside banner can serve as a substitute for the word-of-mouth that your company is not yet receiving in the community. 

What should be in an outdoor sign or window graphics?

window graphicsPersonalized banners should be more than colorful designs that attempt to attract customers with splashes of neon and sprinkles of black ink. Custom made signs and window graphics should convey the message of the company they are representing. 

The easiest way for customers to get the gist of what you are advertising is to put your company’s slogan in bold letters along with a few of your best deals. They will know that your aim in life is customer service the moment that they get a glimpse of your outrageously reasonable prices for goods and services. 

Business banners should also:

  • Be neat and bright just like the inside of your facility.
  • Present a brand promise that customers can take to the bank.
  • Provide the opportunity to connect online. A website is usually sufficient enough to tell potential customers that you are also accessible via the Internet. You can also add a QR code that makes it easier for potential buyers to scan and access your company’s profile from their smartphones. 

It is a good idea to take a picture of your window graphics and banners for posting online to your social media accounts. The pictures help customers pick your company over others that may imitate your logo and services. They can emulate certain things, but your custom-made signage can never be copied. Pictures also help customers get comfortable with the surrounding inside of your facility. Consumers seem to gravitate towards the familiar more often than they do the mysterious. 

Car wrapping is another excellent marketing technique

vehicle graphics and wrapsHave you ever seen a car drive by with what appears to be an advertising banner molded just for it? You were looking at custom car graphics, good sir or ma’am, and yes, the imagery was probably made just for the driver. 

Vehicle wraps are the best way to take your company on the road. They are non-intrusive and showstoppers, which are two wins in the marketing department of any organization. Consumers don’t like to feel pressured into buying something. They do, however, want to know that you are vying for their business. Putting a banner on every block is a bit overrated as buyers will quickly see what you are trying to do and probably won’t go for it. Car graphics, however, give the middle ground appeal that every business executive and company owner craves. 

You aren’t begging fellow drivers to check out your services while sitting beside them at a red light. You are merely presenting the opportunity for them to read your advertisement and consider what you are offering. They have full liberality to take advantage of your services or pass up the chance for excellence. Some commuters pass on the message of a new business in the area to friends and family in need services they see via car graphics. You stand the chance of reaching more consumers with car banners than you could ever attract with a stationary sign near your business. 

“Where can I get this stuff?”

storefront window graphicsYour question is so awesome! Signs Now Washington in Everett has you covered when it comes to marketing via custom signs, window graphics, and car graphics. We even do custom decals for special occasions and the like. Take a look at our services and see which one fits your company best!


We provide standing banners made from durable vinyl coupled with metal grommets. Retractable banners are also an option as we understand that there are special occasions where you need to bolster specific events. 

Event Graphics

Our custom wraps, signs, and portable displays come with professional installation and designs. Cookie-cutter is not a thing around here!

Indoor Signs

Our custom-built indoor signs are meant to enhance your space. You’ll have to call us to learn about our broad range of offerings!

Outdoor Signs

The weather in Lynnwood is no match for our outdoor signs. Our materials can withstand all kinds of inclement conditions. 

Stickers and Labels

So you don’t want in-your-face advertising, huh? Try our stickers and labels instead! They are small enough to satisfy your modest personality, yet big enough to make a significant impact. The individuality put into our stickers and labels is what makes the difference. 

Vehicle Graphics

Mobilize your company with custom car graphics. We come to you for small jobs and ask that you bring the vehicle to our secure garage for the big stuff. 

Vinyl Wraps

We use high-quality wrap films that can last for many years. Of course, there is no damage to the wrapped object during or after the process. Can it get any better than that? Uh, no. 

You’ve been telling yourself that you are going to step up your advertising game for years. Why not follow through with your promises by contacting Sign Now for a consultation about your Lynnwood business? We will help you get your marketing department where it should be even if the only member of the team is you. Call us today!

Contact Signs Now Washington online, or call us at 425-481-4900 today!


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