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7 Ways to Market Your Brand Using Customized Signs


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custom business signs & custom wrapsThe success of a business today depends on more than a product or service being exceptional or brilliant. Marketing has extended its meaning from product promotion to brand awareness promotion. Marketers have shifted from getting customers to having their brand recognized then turning the recognition into sales. Mountlake Terrace businesses have not been spared by this shift in the marketing landscape.

There are some marketing strategies which you can put in place to improve your brand recognition and customer retention. Extensive marketing offline and online and treating customers respectfully are the starting points. 

As you work on the two fundamentals, you can keep your brand above the competition by opting for a more subtle yet powerful strategy, custom signs. Signs are cost-effective, that is, there is no additional cost besides the initial cost of putting them up.

There are factors that should determine the type of sign you chose to use. Here are seven sign options and the benefits of installing each option.

1. Outdoor signs

outdoor sign displaysCustomized outdoor signs should be on top of your marketing strategies as you plan for the growth of your business in Mountlake Terrace. A study by the University of Cincinnati revealed that nearly eight in every ten customers entered a store for the first time because of the outdoor sign. The study’s results proved that a sign outside your store doors could be a customer magnet.

If you have one already but does not have the same testimony, then you should consider checking the design of the sign. Have signs professionals review the appropriateness of your sign in terms of graphics, visual appeal, and visibility. It is important to state at this point that it is not having a sign that does the trick but having one that is properly designed.

2. Window signs

retail storefront window graphicsAs a business owner or manager in a city like Mountlake Terrace, you understand too well that statistics of window shoppers is the last thing you value. You obviously understand that most window shoppers do not buy at the store even after they cram the entire price list.

Instead of working to minimize the number of window shoppers, use the windows to market your brand. You can achieve this by having your storefront windows engraved with graphics that sell your brand, its values, and products.

Business windows graphics leave subliminal images in the minds of passers-by of your product and location. Next time they are in town and wish to buy one of the products or services you provide, they will know exactly where to find you and what to expect. Besides, window shoppers can only see what you need them to see.

3. Wall graphics

storefront wall graphicsMean trials never break the glass ceiling but a tremendous and sometimes crazy determination to stand out. The same is true in business. Think beyond the windows and take your brand to the wall. Let experts engrave graphics of your brand name or product on the walls of your business premise. This will make it visible to all prospective clients on that highway, street or avenue in Mountlake Terrace.

Ensure you understand the city’s legislation on large wall graphics before putting money into it. If you have rented the premise, then seek the permission of the property’s management before taking this path.

4. Banners

custom banner designIf you cannot have graphics on the wall, you can opt for business banners. They are cheaper though not as long lasting as wall graphics. Nevertheless, they still will provide the 24/7 free advertisement for your brand and product all year long.

Trade show banners are also great marketing tools. However, like all signs in an extremely competitive setup, you need to have these banners designed by professionals who have mastered the art of tradeshow marketing. You can opt for specific-event banners, universal ones or a combination of both.

Another custom sign option worth considering is portable trade show booths and displays. They can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement for banners.  Portable booths are a little pricey but provide space for more information than banners. Again, depending on the type, you can use one for all trade shows you attend in a year or until you modify your brand.

5. Car graphics

car wrap graphicsWhen it comes to supply and distribution, the importance of van, bus, and truck or trailer graphics cannot be overemphasized. If you are a Johnny-come-lately in Mountlake Terrace, a branded van crisscrossing the streets will communicate your entrance to the city dwellers better than any billboard you may put up.

It is worth pointing out that unlike all of the previous sign options, vehicle wraps and graphics need to be installed in the designer’s garage. It can only be done otherwise if the required service takes less than 20% of the vehicle. This is because the process requires controlled environments.

6. Stickers and metal plates

engraved metal tagsCustom stickers are a cheap and efficient way getting the word around on your product or services. You can stick them on the cans of your product or give them to your customers. Engraved metal plates and tags are a more durable than stickers.

Stickers and engraved metal plates are easy to use for two reasons.  One, customers like identifying with brands so would not mind having these distinguishing gifts and keeping them where others can see. Two, they are small hence causes little inconvenience to stick or carry around. If you deal in a “call-for-delivery” kind of product, a sticker with contacts is irresistible.

7. Street signs

The best way to stand out in a city, Mountlake Terrace included, is to have a street all to yourself. You do not need to cordon it off to achieve this just use a sign. Have a customized street sign that has the street name and that of your brand somewhere above it. 

The best place to use this is at a roundabout or junction. If properly designed, most people will remember your brand instead of the streets your sign is indicating.


There is no better cost-effective way of marketing your brand than through signs. You can have them indoors or outdoors depending on your target group. The most important aspect of using customized signs, however, is to have them worked on by professionals. Contact us today for personalized signs, banners, graphics, and wraps that will make your brand stand out in the streets of Mountlake Terrace.


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