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With eight out of 10 customers (76%, to be exact) visiting a store or business they have never gone to before based on the signs they see, you can’t afford to ignore the impact and benefits of custom signs. Additionally, approximately 75% of customers told others about a business based on signage alone.

However, not just any sign will do. If you choose cookie-cutter, mass-manufactured signs that have generic messages, you won't attract much traffic to your door. Instead, you need to focus on something more eye-catching and appealing, which is exactly what custom-made signs have to offer. It doesn't matter if your business is located in the city of Renton, or in rural areas, where custom yard signs are more appropriate, the right signs definitely help to “make or break” your business.

Attention Grabbing Outdoor Signs are a Must-Have

When you think of signage for your business, you might think about the signs placed inside your store. These signs direct customers to various departments or parts of the building. But what about getting people inside your business in the first place? To do this, consider personalized outdoor signs that tell the customer where you are located, what you have and why your store is better than the rest. While this is something you will have to develop, it will be worth the investment to have custom outdoor signs that pull in foot traffic.

fleet graphics for vansAdvertising Your Business and Products while “On-the-Go”

In the past, business owners were limited to stationary advertising options to advertise on the go . However, today, thanks to innovation and amazing new products, this is no longer the case. If you have a fleet of business vehicles, or even one vehicle you use for business purposes, you can turn it into a moving ad for your business.

This is possible thanks to custom car graphics. When you choose graphics for a vehicle, you will have several different options. Some of the most popular include:

This means you can customize the look of the graphics on any vehicle you have, giving you an effective way to advertise your business. After all, if you see a truck rolling by with colorful, vibrant graphics on the side, you are going to look and find out what it says, right? Think about the thousands of people you pass each day. These car graphics are a perfect way to reach all of them.

wall-graphics-logo-brandingOptions for In-Store Graphics

Now that you have the exterior of your business fixed with custom signs, you need to move to the interior. After all, once you get people inside (or nearby) you need to continue letting them know where to go.

The first signage you need to consider for the interior of your store is what you put on the windows. Window graphics with your business name, contact information and hours is extremely important. You may also want other types of customized storefront window graphics that further explain what customers can expect inside.

Once inside, having custom wall graphics in place can make the shopping experience more exciting. You can choose small wall graphics, or ones that take up the full wall in your business. You choose what you want, and then have it created.

If you are planning a special event or sale, then you need a non-permanent type of signage to install. This is when custom banners are a great option. They can let customers know what “special deal" or “event” is going on, and then you can take the personalized banners down when the sale or event is over.

Trade Show Displays

display-tradeshow-wallCustom signage for your business is expansive. You will find there are more than a few custom signage options available. If your business attends trade shows, then you know how important it is to have banners and signage that grabs the attention of attendees over all the other “noise” from other companies.

You can have trade show banners created, or even entire portable trade show displays. These will help your business stand out and gain notice from those attending the show. Also, because they are made to be used on an as-needed basis, you can easily store away your portable trade show booth and business banners until they are required again. This makes them a smart investment for your business and one you will be able to use for years to come.

Taking Business Signage Options to the Next Level

engravingLabels are a necessary part of business advertising. While you can choose traditional paper options, these are disposable, easily damaged and have other issues. However, if you choose engraved name plates, your advertising product will last forever. In the long run, this will help your business save money because you won’t have to constantly replace the labels that are being used. You can also have custom stickers or custom decals made for things such as shopping baskets or carts, register stands and more. The ways you can use signs and advertising methods to enhance your business is vast.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to custom signage, you will find there are more than a few options in Renton. However, to get the biggest benefit you need to find the right supplier. There are more than a few custom sign creators to choose from, but to find the right one near Renton make sure you consider the following:

  • Take a look at the signage the company has made in the past - does it look fresh with young millennial ideas or dingy and old of yesteryear

  • Consider customer reviews for past services - but don't always trust that because many vendors use deceptive practises to increase their customer reviews instead of relying upon customer initiative to naturally volunteer reviews on their own

When you are informed, you will be able to find the right custom sign company and be satisfied with the results that are achieved.

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