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Generate Greater Sales from New Retail Displays


Generate Greater Sales from New Retail Displays

Often considered a “silent salesperson,” the role of retail display is to interrupt the brain function of a strolling and often otherwise distracted shopper, capture their attention and focus their thoughts on the products or services to which you’ve devoted valuable floor, shelf or counter space in hopes of spurring a sale.

Sounds great in theory, but how to do you maximize the opportunity for point-of-sale displays to drive shoppers to your cash registers… and drive greater revenues as a result?

Three tips on making the most of your efforts

  1. Move your displays regularly. Every couple of weeks, relocate your displays to keep them from getting stale, as shoppers will begin to overlook what becomes too familiar. For example, move one floor display from the front to the middle of the store, and another display from the middle to the back. This way, you will not only interrupt the thoughts of shoppers, but increase your chances of appealing to those who visit only certain aisles or sections.
  2. Consider the display’s appeal. If a product or service isn’t selling to your expectation, don’t expect a POS display to be an instant cure-all; you must create a compelling consumer appeal for the display to communicate. Try a sale price or a two-for-one offer. Or consider tying the product or service to a local or seasonal trend, such as the start of the school year, the advent of summer, or the occasion of autumn yard cleanups.
  3. Don’t rely on manufacturer-provided displays. While admittedly a convenient way to go, it’s likely that any competitors selling the same products will have the same displays! What’s more, there’s a good chance the manufacturers will be making the same appeal online—and often at a lower price. The solution? Create a custom display with a one-of-a-kind look and singular sales appeal that will distinguish your efforts from others. 

Is the extra effort in regard to your retail displays worth it? In a word, yes! According to research posted at, almost two thirds of all decisions to buy something are made while people are in the store shopping. What's more, over 50% of these decisions are classified as impulse buying.

Let an expert be your guide. Experienced in all aspects of retail signage, Signs Now will help you select from many types of displays that best meet your objectives. To get started, contact us today.

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