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The Latest Trends in Trade Show Signage and Displays


The Latest Trends in Trade Show Signage and Displays

The competition among trade show exhibitors for the attention of attendees shows no signs of slowing. Event marketers are becoming increasingly innovative in their efforts to attract and engage visitors to their displays over the ones maintained by “Brand X” or “Competitor Y” a few aisles over. Some trends:

  • Engage early and often. Don’t wait for trade show guests to enter the event space before making your appeal. To stand out, be sure to reach out to your target audiences before they arrive at the trade show wherever possible. How? Post your signage in select locations such as at the airport, on the subway or in partner hotels. You’ll not only drive awareness of and interest in your brand, but also condition targets to be on the lookout for your display among the many competing interests they’ll encounter.
  • It’s all about the experience! Don’t fall into the old trap of thinking “a bigger booth is better.” Instead, focus on what you’re offering, how you’re marketing your brand… and what you’re doing to stand out from others. When planning your event experience, be sure to consider every detail. This includes the look and feel of your booth, to be sure, but also staff apparel, giveaways, pre- and post-event marketing as well as any other attendee touchpoints you can imagine.
  • Zig when others zag. As great as you want to make your trade show display, consider developing an “un-booth” instead. Don’t think of it as only a location with samples, display and graphics. Instead, create a cool, unique and welcoming experience! Some of today’s leading un-booths feature a coffee bar or food and offer busy event attendees an area in which they can relax and interact with your staff. Fun is good, too. So if you can work in some attractive giveaways or an engaging contest—all the better!

A final word…

Whatever the hottest trends this year or the next, it pays to remember your primary focus at trade shows is customer retention. Stunning signage and dazzling displays aside, make sure your staff is prepped to interact with any current customers who you know will be visiting. It’s great to have personalized information and small gifts set aside for them. Ultimately, you want them to recognize what an awesome experience they’re having while working with you!

Let an expert be your guide. Experienced in all aspects of trade show signage, displays and booths, Signs Now will help you select from many options to create a presence that best meets your objectives. To get started, contact us today

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