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Beautiful Perforated Window Graphic for Museum
  • Beautiful Perforated Window Graphic for Museum
  • Window Graphics For Family Healing Agency Side
  • Dentistry Window Graphics with Smile Out Loud
  • Guitarfish Guitar Lessons Window Graphics
  • Healthcare Perforated Window Graphics for Pharmacy
  • Automotive Window Graphics
  • Chiropractor Perforated Window Graphics
  • Dentistry Window Graphics with Womans Face
  • Healthcare Perforated Window Graphics
  • Window Graphics For Family Healing Agency
  • Health Clinic Perforated Window Graphics
  • Pediatrics Perforated Window Graphics for Storefront
  • Pediatrics Perforated Window Graphics for Storefront

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Perforated Window Graphics

Signs Now provides Perforated Window Graphics to customers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Perforated Window Graphics Bring in Natural Light and New Customers.

COVID-19 Update: The continuing healthcare crisis of 2020 has resulted in new legislative measures and heightened customer expectations in relation to safety and social distancing. An upgraded graphic and signage system is integral to all businesses if they are to keep up with CDC guidelines and local restrictions. Click the button below to learn more about COVID-19 solutions, or contact us today for more info.

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Displaying marketing messages and branding imagery on windows has always been a solid go-to strategy. Not only are windows flat and consistent, they’re ideally positioned to grab the attention of passersby and road traffic. Ground floor windows, lobbies and storefronts are often large enough to create unique messages that cover the entire glass, but that excitement comes at a price – daylight is almost entirely obscured.

To stay out of the Dark Age, Signs Now offers you the best of both worlds with perforated vinyl window graphics. Instead of printing on a solid sheet of adhesive vinyl, we print on sheets perforated with tiny holes that let natural light in, and from the outside look smooth and opaque. The material is just as durable and colorful as unperforated vinyl and can be applied for indoor or outdoor displays.

The result: your windows become a sprawling canvas for promotions and branding, create a sense of privacy for staff and visitors inside, all while letting in natural light to help maintain a pleasant work environment.

Our staff and designers will be glad to review your needs and verify any restrictions set by property managers, community standards or local vehicle ordinances. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation introduction and demonstration of the possibilities of our perforated window graphics and other promotional signage.

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