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Aluminum Modular Restroom Sign by Signs Now Holland
  • Aluminum Modular Restroom Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Patient Room Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Primary Room Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Secondary Room Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Dry Erase Cubicle Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Conference Room Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Flagmount
  • Aluminum Modular Office Sign
  • Aluminum Modular Tower Directory
  • Aluminum Modular Directional
  • Aluminum Modular Directional Sign

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Aluminum Modular Signs

Signs Now Holland provides Aluminum Modular Signs to Holland, Michigan and surrounding areas..

Aluminum extrusions in various sizes that accept ADA panels, graphic panels and/or easy to print changeable panels.

Our modular sign series is perfect for companies that require flexibility and a dash of color in their sign system. This sign type combines sturdiness with flexibility, perfect for the client that needs to make changes in signage without reinventing or paying for a new wheel. Each sign comes with a insert lens that can be easily removed and  a paper insert updated.The paper insert which fits perfectly in the sign can be as colorful as you desire.


We have been a provider of modular sign systems since 1992. We design this type of wayfinding systems for hospitals, schools, libraries, corporate and government facilities.


Depending on your requirements we can provide:


  • Consultation on wayfinding design and implementation
  • Sign schedules
  • Sign frame selection
  • Custom color inserts for sign frame
  • Facility blueprint surveys
  • Complete project proposals


It is our job to help you every step of the way, answer questions and guide you through the entire process. 

Call Signs Now Holland at (800) 379-7433 for more information.