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5 Star Rating Review 1 5 Star Rating!

All was as professional as can be.

5 Star Rating Review 2 5 Star Rating!

Everytime I go to Signs Now, I am treated like royalty. All of the staff goes above and beyond for every project I bring them. That Crew is the best!!

5 Star Rating Review 3 5 Star Rating!

We completely overlooked some deliverables we needed for a project the next week. We called Signs Now is desperation and they not only got our signs done in time but they did it without sacrificing any quality.

5 Star Rating Review 4 5 Star Rating!

great service

5 Star Rating Review 5 5 Star Rating!

I really appreciate the sense of commitment to satisfy our needs

5 Star Rating Review 6 5 Star Rating!

The project was done on budget, ahead of schedule, and to a high degree of quality. We are very pleased to work with Signs Now.

5 Star Rating Review 7 5 Star Rating!

Have been using Signs Now Holland for years...great service!

5 Star Rating Review 8 5 Star Rating!

You were friendly and understood what I was wanting to accomplish. you provided exactly what I needed.

5 Star Rating Review 9 5 Star Rating!

Thank you for the quick turn around on our banner. We are so appreciative!

5 Star Rating Review 10 5 Star Rating!

Mitchell Kroll is so very prompt, pleasant, polite and professional.

5 Star Rating Review 11 5 Star Rating!

The entire process was very easy, communication was excellent and service was great:)

5 Star Rating Review 12 5 Star Rating!

Your Team was very accommodating and did a great job for me.

5 Star Rating Review 13 5 Star Rating!

The staff is easy to work with - they give me good ideas, complete work in a complete and timely manner.

5 Star Rating Review 14 5 Star Rating!

I really appreciate the high level of customer service and attention to detail.

5 Star Rating Review 15 5 Star Rating!

Appreciate the Flexibility that you gave us as we went back and forth with our Association.

5 Star Rating Review 16 5 Star Rating!

very happy with the signs that you have done for us. Very quick service, friendly, helpful staff.

5 Star Rating Review 17 5 Star Rating!

Everyone we were in contact with was friendly and helpful. They worked hard to get our signs the way we wanted them and advised us throughout the process based on their vast experience. We love the way our signs add a professional look to our office.

5 Star Rating Review 18 5 Star Rating!

Timely, efficient service, great product.

5 Star Rating Review 19 5 Star Rating!

Mitchell is the best. Chain him to his desk and never let him leave. Or tell him he needs to relocate to Lexington!

5 Star Rating Review 20 5 Star Rating!

Always a pleasure to work with the Signs Now Holland Team

5 Star Rating Review 21 5 Star Rating!

I always appreciate the friendly customer service.

5 Star Rating Review 22 5 Star Rating!

The project was done on time and under budget. We're more than satisfied. The people were great to work with. They even had our purchase records from 20 years ago! WOW!

5 Star Rating Review 23 5 Star Rating!

The management along with the staff at Signs Now are always pleasant to work with on any signs I have ordered. I appreciate the professional service I received each time I order my signs.

5 Star Rating Review 24 5 Star Rating!

Very friendly staff that gave creative suggestions to make my Realtor for sale sign match my business card. It was nicknamed the pretty sign. ??

5 Star Rating Review 25 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now has always provided us with prompt and efficient service. Their staff is courteous and great to work with on any project request.

5 Star Rating Review 26 5 Star Rating!

We love working with Leslie and the staff.

5 Star Rating Review 27 5 Star Rating!

Work was professionally done, this is my third completed order with 'Signs Now', and I highly recommend their services.

5 Star Rating Review 28 5 Star Rating!

Never gone through the process of ordering a sign before and you guys made it so easy. Thanks so much for your help!

5 Star Rating Review 29 5 Star Rating!

You all are great! Everything you make for us is fantastic. Thank you!

5 Star Rating Review 30 5 Star Rating!

This was my first time working with Signs Now. Their quality service makes it an easy decision to be a return customer.

5 Star Rating Review 31 5 Star Rating!

Signs now always does a fantastic job on everything we order from them!

5 Star Rating Review 32 5 Star Rating!

We were absolutely thrilled with the way the banner turned out. We had many comments on how impressive it looked once we had it hung in our office. The staff was very helpful and offered great suggestions on the banner.

5 Star Rating Review 33 5 Star Rating!

Working with Leslie from Signs Now was a real pleasure. This allows me to offer MY customers items that I cannot produce inhouse with confidence and with the same quality and service my customers expect from me.

5 Star Rating Review 34 5 Star Rating!

We appreciate the sign you built for us. We have not installed it yet due to some other issues we ran into. A number of people who see the sign, which we keep in the office, are really impressed with how nice it looks. Thanks for the good work. TX GLN

5 Star Rating Review 35 5 Star Rating!

We love working with Leslie and her team!!

5 Star Rating Review 36 5 Star Rating!

Excellent product and great Service

5 Star Rating Review 37 5 Star Rating!

We loved the sign !

5 Star Rating Review 38 5 Star Rating!

Wonderful to work with!

5 Star Rating Review 39 5 Star Rating!

Great customer service, everything explained well & options provided. Job done well!

5 Star Rating Review 40 5 Star Rating!

The staff is very personable, professional, and work to get it right every time. Thanks for all you do!

5 Star Rating Review 41 5 Star Rating!

Always great to work with. Very friendly staff! Would highly recommend to any business.

5 Star Rating Review 42 5 Star Rating!

These guys are spot on, with quality, price and customer service... EVERYTIME !!!

5 Star Rating Review 43 5 Star Rating!

Professional, timely with high quality product and installation

5 Star Rating Review 44 5 Star Rating!

Awesome Experience everytime.

5 Star Rating Review 45 5 Star Rating!

Very easy to work with...highly recommended

5 Star Rating Review 46 5 Star Rating!

You showed outstanding quality service and your finished product is wonderful. I will be using Signs Now for my future orders.

5 Star Rating Review 47 5 Star Rating!

Your staff was super accomodating with changes in our design. Very happy with our choice to use Signs Now.

5 Star Rating Review 48 5 Star Rating!

Was able to work through email with pictures and descriptions to help match what I needed to order. Changes, confirmations and finalization all handled quickly without leaving the office. Staff was a great help!

5 Star Rating Review 49 5 Star Rating!

It was extremely easy to work with the company, and the communication with staff was helpful and valuable. The prices were significantly lower than other companies, and the final product is outstanding. We have received countless compliments on our signs.

4 Star Rating Review 50 4 Star Rating!

Everything turned out nice!

5 Star Rating Review 51 5 Star Rating!

A special thank you to Roxanne Castle - I have really appreciated her help when placing orders and catching mistakes that I had put on an order. Her attention to detail means a lot!!

5 Star Rating Review 52 5 Star Rating!

I have completed multiple projects with Signs Now and am always very happy with the results. They have very professional staff who create beautiful products at a reasonable price. Would highly recommend for any signage requiring the eye of a graphic design team. They will help your vision come to life!

5 Star Rating Review 53 5 Star Rating!

Customer service is great, time is impeccable, product is exactly what i wanted. I showed an example, then changed something, the design team came back with the product i bought and i couldn't be happier. Highly recommend them for your signage needs.

5 Star Rating Review 54 5 Star Rating!

This place was great. I needed two signs made for two office locations. The signs were duplicate except the sizes were different. From the time I entered their store to discuss dimensions and appearance till the time the signs were ready for pick up was a matter of days. Exceptional service and quality. Thank you 

5 Star Rating Review 55 5 Star Rating!

The person who helped me took the time to understand my needs, was open to my suggestions, the price was fair, and my order was done a day earlier!

5 Star Rating Review 56 5 Star Rating!

I greatly appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff!

5 Star Rating Review 57 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now is always fast, friendly, and accurate!

5 Star Rating Review 58 5 Star Rating!

Joe Hotwagner was the most positive and upbeat man I've had the pleasure to work with. What a guy. Thanks so much for all of your help in our re-branding!

4 Star Rating Review 59 4 Star Rating!

better communication during the process so I wouldn't need to contact you to find out when I could anticipate the project being completed.

5 Star Rating Review 60 5 Star Rating!

Thanks for always making sure the final product is perfect. We so appreciate your attention to detail.

5 Star Rating Review 61 5 Star Rating!

We were very satisfied with your service.

5 Star Rating Review 62 5 Star Rating!

Turn around time is amazing.

5 Star Rating Review 63 5 Star Rating!

Teri is very polite, and more than helpful. I enjoyed working with you guys, and looking forward to doing so again in the immediate future.

5 Star Rating Review 64 5 Star Rating!

We have always been amazed & appreciative of how helpful & kind everyone is at Signs Now. You are quick with getting us what we need & helpful with suggestions as well.

5 Star Rating Review 65 5 Star Rating!

Terri was very pleasant to work with.

5 Star Rating Review 66 5 Star Rating!

We recently requested a large volume of signs (for us anyway!) for the opening of the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center. Jeff Raterink made the process easy, was very accommodating of our many changes/edits, and was fast and courteous. Joe (the installer) was great also!

5 Star Rating Review 67 5 Star Rating!

The team was very flexible and accommodating to our project as it changed.

5 Star Rating Review 68 5 Star Rating!

The overall process went very smoothly and the graphics were just as I had expected.

5 Star Rating Review 69 5 Star Rating!

Both times I have worked with Signs Now, the customer service has been amazing. Very responsive and pleasant to work with from order to installation.

5 Star Rating Review 70 5 Star Rating!

There was a slight mistake on our order and Signs Now came on site to fix the issue within the day we received the product. Very impressed with their level of service.

5 Star Rating Review 71 5 Star Rating!

The team is friendly, skilled, quick to resolve issues and remember your name. They create relationships with their clients that cultivate an effective continued relationship.

5 Star Rating Review 72 5 Star Rating!

The work quality is top notch. Highly recommend them

5 Star Rating Review 73 5 Star Rating!

If all of my vendors met my expectations they way Signs Now does, I'd get a lot more sleep at night! Always a great job, keep up the good work.

5 Star Rating Review 74 5 Star Rating!

Wonderful creative company, fast service and outstanding customer service.

5 Star Rating Review 75 5 Star Rating!

Staff always ready to answer questions and very good customer service!

4 Star Rating Review 76 4 Star Rating!

This comment has nothing to do with the "likely" response above but, Joe, your installer, was a pleasure and easy to work with.

5 Star Rating Review 77 5 Star Rating!

Always have been great to work with!

5 Star Rating Review 78 5 Star Rating!

Appreciate your quality of service even though it was a small job

5 Star Rating Review 79 5 Star Rating!

Everyone in the office is so accommodating, quick and knowledgeable of what they do. Very quick turn around time.

5 Star Rating Review 80 5 Star Rating!

Very happy with my signage on my truck.

5 Star Rating Review 81 5 Star Rating!

We love the dependability of Sign Now -Holland, always consistent!

5 Star Rating Review 82 5 Star Rating!

Great team.

5 Star Rating Review 83 5 Star Rating!

I appreciate the individualized care that you provide.

5 Star Rating Review 84 5 Star Rating!

Always easy to work with and quick response. Thank you.

5 Star Rating Review 85 5 Star Rating!

As far as options, I didn't need any. Already knew what we wanted. Michelle was very easy to work with and very pleasant. She kept me updated as to timeline. Very happy with service and product.

5 Star Rating Review 86 5 Star Rating!

Tim and Mitch are always very helpful and I enjoy getting to work with them on every project

5 Star Rating Review 87 5 Star Rating!

I mainly communicate through emails and everyone is always very helpful.

5 Star Rating Review 88 5 Star Rating!

Easy to work with and signs turn out great. The signs they have done for us in the past have lasted for years.

5 Star Rating Review 89 5 Star Rating!

Very accommodating staff -- a pleasure to work with!

5 Star Rating Review 90 5 Star Rating!

Folks are always friendly and do a great job for HEI

5 Star Rating Review 91 5 Star Rating!

You guys always do a great job! Makes our buildings stands out. They were so drab before we put the new signage up!

5 Star Rating Review 92 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now has recently worked on 2 rush projects with me and saved us from missing deadlines.

5 Star Rating Review 93 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now wants what is best for their customers. They make recommendations on ways to cut costs or choose the right materials that are cost effective but retain quality for our projects. I highly recommend them!

5 Star Rating Review 94 5 Star Rating!

Tim and Leslie are always great to work with and are tremendously knowledgeable and helpful.

5 Star Rating Review 95 5 Star Rating!

Awesome service and product! Signs Now Holland is the only vendor I sue for my ADA needs!

5 Star Rating Review 96 5 Star Rating!

Fast, easy and just what we needed. Thanks.

5 Star Rating Review 97 5 Star Rating!

Everything was great!! It was so convenient to have our original orders on file and work from there.

5 Star Rating Review 98 5 Star Rating!

leslie and jeff are always very helpful and kind with all of my questions

5 Star Rating Review 99 5 Star Rating!

Always helpful and understanding concerning rush orders and installation.

5 Star Rating Review 100 5 Star Rating!

Buy me lunch....just kidding. When we first opened our business 23 years ago we called several vendors for exterior store signs. Tim and Leslie of Signs Now were the only sign company to come to see us. They are the only sign company we have used in all these years. Terrific people!!!!

4 Star Rating Review 101 4 Star Rating!

Everyone I worked with was quite helpful and efficient at their job. Thanks for all your help in accomplishing this in a timely manor.

5 Star Rating Review 102 5 Star Rating!

Tim and Team did a great job and we will continue to use your team in the future!

5 Star Rating Review 103 5 Star Rating!

Very timely, professional and easy to work with. The installation man is a joy to see as he is very detailed in ensuring proper installation of signage and genuinely kind. Thank you for your work!

5 Star Rating Review 104 5 Star Rating!

Everyone is great at Signs Now-Holland!!

5 Star Rating Review 105 5 Star Rating!

SignsNow has always done a good job for our building and our tenants.

5 Star Rating Review 106 5 Star Rating!

Have been able to meet all my needs with great service and timing.

5 Star Rating Review 107 5 Star Rating!

Nothing, I really enjoy working with Jackie. Always has a smile and very positive.

5 Star Rating Review 108 5 Star Rating!

Very helpful. Questions answered and improvements made along the way.

5 Star Rating Review 109 5 Star Rating!

As always your design team goes up and beyond in service to get my signs to me in such timely order, with top quality products. Thank you and will continue using you for all my signage needs.

5 Star Rating Review 110 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now staff has the best customer service in the world. The quality of work is absolutely phenomenal. I had custom order and it was completed with precision and flawlessness.

5 Star Rating Review 111 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now is always a good experience to work with. The final product is always or better than expected. They are very helpful in suggesting materials that would fit the need better.

5 Star Rating Review 112 5 Star Rating!

Great experience, friendly staff, and good customer service.

5 Star Rating Review 113 5 Star Rating!

I have used Signs Now a few times now and have been very satisfied! Pricing and product are exceptional as well as customer service. I have already recommended them to a friend! We will continue using them in the future!

5 Star Rating Review 114 5 Star Rating!

Everyone was incredibly helpful and gave us great direction as we moved forward with the design for our buses. We are very happy with the way our buses turned out. Your team was great to work with.

5 Star Rating Review 115 5 Star Rating!

The customer service is excellent. The staff is very friendly and patient. They provide you with options and are willing to take the time to discuss pros and cons. The final product exceeded our expectations. Most people did not know that we were selling our house by owner because the sign looked so very professional. We sold in four days. Thanks for all of your wonderful assistance.

5 Star Rating Review 116 5 Star Rating!

Good experience with Signs Now - very professional and courteous. Would highly recommend them to another.

5 Star Rating Review 117 5 Star Rating!

We have been working with Signs Now for several years and your staff have always come through with quality products. They are professional and friendly, focused on making sure our order is spot on. Sarah,Justin and Kate are true assets to you company. Thank you!

5 Star Rating Review 118 5 Star Rating!

Signs Now is an excellent company to work with! Tom Steepy has an incredibly positive, capable reputation, and Matt (the person who removed/installed our signage) did an excellent job. Signs Now is an extremely approachable and pleasant company to work with.

5 Star Rating Review 119 5 Star Rating!

I was pretty pleased with the service from Signs Now, as well as the timeliness of the service. I look forward to a long business relationship with Signs Now, and will recommend them to my business colleagues.

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