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Creative Ways to Use Vinyl Graphics to Sell Your Products


Creative Ways to Use Vinyl Graphics to Sell Your Products

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As a business owner, selling your products is your primary goal. Unfortunately, selling any product in such a competitive and crowded market is often easier said than done, and many business owners struggle to appeal to customers who have so many options.

Custom vinyl graphics from Signs Now® can help you stay ahead of the game and build your customer base. If you are considering new ways to sell your product or service, our vinyl graphics for your windows, walls, vehicles and other applications may be able to help in the following six ways.

1. Suggest Additional Products  

Studies conducted around the world have routinely found the power of suggestion to be immensely powerful. For this reason, many retailers and restaurants (as well as other businesses) use graphics to “upsell” items and services to customers.

Upselling is a great way to boost your revenue and satisfy customers at the same time, and it is a relatively simple process – just market the items you wish to sell using graphics.

When a customer enters an establishment, they may have their minds made up, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. When an additional product or service is suggested, it may appeal to the customer or remind them of something else they will need in the future. Using vinyl graphics from Signs Now to upsell to customers tends to be far more effective and efficient than expecting busy employees to do it.

2. Advertise Promotions and Special Discounts

There is no doubt about it – sales and special discounts entice customers and actually encourage them to spend more. If your business isn’t offering some sort of discount or sale, you could be losing lots of money. Fortunately, you can use vinyl window graphics to sell your products and services to current and potential customers. Human beings are visual animals, and they respond strongly to vinyl graphics and other signs. By simply writing or printing your company’s specials on a sticker, sign, or other product, you can keep your customers coming back.

Using vinyl graphics in this manner is also a great way to bring in repeat customers and create loyalty between your business and patrons. It also allows you to remain competitive in modern times while remaining true to the values of your business. Simply remind customers of how much money they could be saving, and you could greatly increase your revenue.

img3. Increase Business Visibility

Is your business located in a “not-so-great” location? In other words, do customers constantly complain about not being able to find your business? This can be extremely frustrating. No matter how excellent your product or service may be, customers and clients must be able to find you.

Fortunately, effective signs and other graphic displays from Signs Now can easily correct such a problem. A visible, well-placed vinyl graphic in a window can market to customers who may not see your business or its products and services. This can be immensely helpful in crowded urban areas where all businesses may not be visible from the street.

4. Advertise to Customers on the Street

In the digital marketing age, many people forget street-side advertising is still a major marketing tool for businesses. Simply use your vinyl graphics to promote your business, as well as the goods or services you are selling, and your roadside signage will advertise to everyone within walking distance. You can also use street-facing vinyl graphics from Signs Now to help people remember your name and establish a brand, which can be especially helpful since people are more likely to patronize a business they know.

The custom vinyl graphics you use should be based on the demographic you are attempting to reach. If you are located in an upscale area, you may want to use more sophisticated graphics and subdued colors, such as black, white, and gray. If you are mainly advertising to young people, try using brighter colors and more whimsical design elements. Always keep demographics in mind when street advertising.

5. Increase Website Visitation

One best practice used effectively by many today is “multi-channel” marketing. With it, you appeal to prospects and customers via several media channels including, of course, your onsite signage, 

By adding your website URL to your vinyl graphics, for example, many internet-savvy customers will see your sign on the street and visit your company’s website later. By visiting the website, they can explore the finer details of your company and get an overview of its products or services. By using signs and your website to attract customers, you can blend the best of the traditional and modern marketing worlds.

6. Stand Out From the Crowdimg

As a business owner, it’s essential to use all marketing channels available to you to make your company and its products stand out because if you don’t, it can be hard to stay competitive in modern times. By incorporating your company’s brand into your vinyl graphics on windows, wall and vehicles, you can easily stand out from your competitors and ensure you remain on your customers’ minds.

Many major companies use vinyl graphics such as logos and signs such as those from Signs Now to stand out from the crowd. Without some way to differentiate your company from the rest, customers won’t know the true value of your company or its products.

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