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Signs Now Northwest Brands the “City of Roses”

Signs Now Northwest Brands the “City of Roses”
Window Graphics Brand the "City of Roses"
A Signs Now franchise's vinyl prints tout key Portland, OR destinations
Located near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, the city of Portland (OR) claims the nickname the “City of Roses” because its climate is conducive to growing the flower. The city has also developed a strong identity through its commitment to eco-friendly endeavors – Popular Science has repeatedly bestowed the mantle of “Greenest City in America” upon Portland – being home to numerous bands popular on the alternative-rock circuit, and featuring the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi River (which started in the 1880s as a collection of animals contained in the back of Portland pharmacist Richard Knight’s store – health-department officials might object to such an arrangement today).
The Oregon Convention Center’s marketing department recently enlisted Signs Now’s Northwest Portland franchise to create a window-graphic program at the Center that extolled the city’s numerous cultural highlights – the Zoo, Children’s Museum and Historical Society, among others. The program comprises nine panels; each measures 71 x 105 in.
The client provided the original vector artwork, and owner Kristin D. Trevino perfected the design using Adobe Photoshop. The shop printed the graphics on 3M’s Controltac™ IJ180-10C with Comply v3 air-release media with its Seiko I Infotech ColorPainter 64S eco-solvent-ink printer and Onyx Graphics’ PosterShop RIP. To preserve its vibrant color, the shop applied 3M’s 8519 luster-finish laminate with Seal Image 6000 Ultra pressure laminator. To create a more vibrant look, the customer requested the panels be bonded with solid backing panels.
Signs Now installers Dan Trevino, Kristin’s husband and co-owner, and Brian Smalley applied the graphics using felt-tipped 3M Gold nylon squeegees and Olfa Knives to trim excess material. They first tried to install a panel inside the windows, but found the windows’ tint made the images too opaque for outside viewing. So, they moved the prints outside. Because they were installed on a warm, summer day, extra care was required to position the panels properly without the adhesive sticking to the windows.
“Installing such large vinyl panels without premask was a challenge,” Kristin said. “The lion on the zoo panel was defaced and required replacement, but the client was very pleased with the response.”