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Regulatory Signs & Safety Signs in Moses Lake

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Enforce workplace safety with visible regulatory signs. 

At Signs Now Moses Lake, we know it’s easy to take regulatory signs for granted – and maybe that’s by design since the purpose behind most warning and safety signage is to reduce workplace injury and discourage unnecessary risk-taking, ensuring that each and every workday occurs without any snags or hiccups. 

While preventing workplace catastrophe doesn’t tend to make the news, ensuring all your customers, patrons, visitors and staff members are informed of potential dangers in your facility is crucial, no matter what industry you’re in. It should always be a priority to safeguard the health of everyone who steps through your doors – and the right kind of regulatory signs will get the job done. 

What kind of regulatory signs does my business need? 

Your specific industry likely dictates a certain set of regulatory signs and graphics that are necessary for you to remain in operation. Here are some of the most common regulatory and safety signs: 

  • ADA-compliant signs: As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, your signs and graphics need to have specific features in order to be accessible to everyone. ADA signage typically has tactile letters, high-contrast colors and braille, but can also be customized to fit your branding. 
  • Health & hygiene signs: Reminders about how to properly clean surfaces and practice good hand-washing have become more commonplace since the onset of the pandemic. Many local legislations have since made such signs mandatory. The team at Signs Now Moses Lake is familiar with all local requirements and can help you stay in compliance. 
  • OSHA-compliant signs: Danger signs and caution signs are generally going to be the most restricted in terms of design due to standards put forth by OSHA. Fortunately, the Signs Now Moses Lake team can help you spot where you need to place these to stay in compliance. 
  • Warning signs: If you need to ensure guests or staff members are aware of potential hazards, the right kind of warning signage will get the job done. Bright colors and recognizable shapes can make sure everyone knows to stay alert when in specific areas of your building. 

Can I customize regulatory signs? 

Yes! Many regulatory signs from Signs Now Moses Lake can be customized to help reinforce your branding.  

While some required safety signage must stick to specific colors and shapes in order to stay within regulatory compliance, many options can easily be modified to fit within your corporate colors, preferred fonts and overall branding scheme. 

Remaining in compliance with local requirements and standards doesn’t mean your signs and graphics need to look standardized or sterile. When you work with the Signs Now Moses Lake team, you’ll receive a creative, custom solution that suits your needs and complements your branding, all while sticking to regulatory needs. 

When you’re ready to take the next step with regulatory signs and safety graphics for your building or facility, contact the team at Signs Now Moses Lake to set up a free consultation. 

Call Signs Now Moses Lake at (509) 765-8955 for more information.

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