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Make an excellent first impression with attractive reception signs in your lobby. 

It’s true – you really only have one chance to make a first impression. For many companies, organizations and nonprofits, it’s in their reception area where potential new clients, prospective employees and others are likely to form their initial thoughts. Custom reception signs from Signs Now New Hampshire can ensure your organization makes the most of this opportunity. 

At Signs Now New Hampshire, our team will help you make a stellar first impression with a creatively designed, professionally produced lobby sign for your reception area. No matter what industry your business is in, and no matter what your specific needs may be, we have the design expertise to add a visual flair to any lobby, waiting room or reception desk that gives the impression you want your guests to receive. 

What kind of reception signs are there? 

You have many options available to you when it comes to signs and graphics for your lobby or reception area. Some of the most popular choices are: 

  • Dimensional signs and lettering: To add instant depth and visual appeal to your logo, go with dimensional signage that will stand off from the wall. This is a classic option due to how it can be used with many different kinds of materials to best suit your branding. 
  • Illuminated signs: Using lighting elements in tandem with your signs can draw attention right where you want it to go. Backlighting is a popular choice for reception signs, though other lighting choices such as spotlights are also available. 
  • Vinyl lettering and graphics: A classic and affordable choice, vinyl lettering applies directly to your walls, floors or ceilings and allows you to add a touch of color to any space. 
  • Wall murals: Signage in your reception area should go beyond just the front desk. It’s easy to add a history wall for your company or an art mural that incorporates your logo with a mural application from Signs Now New Hampshire. 

What can a reception sign do for my business? 

Your front desk, lobby or reception area is where new clients and guests are often first introduced to your business. The right kind of signs and graphics can help identify your facility, your company, your products and your services and ensure that everyone who steps through your doors knows they’re in the right place. 

Well-designed signs and graphics from Signs Now New Hampshire can easily complement your branding, whether you’re looking for a classic, traditional feel, or are looking to create a cutting-edge, modern atmosphere. Even if you already have signage in your lobby, it might be time for an update. Long-tenured signs have a tendency to fade into the background for the people who see them every day, so take a hard look at your signs every so often to determine if it’s time for something new.  

When you’re ready to take the next step with reception signs and graphics for your lobby, contact Signs Now New Hampshire to set up a free consultation and discuss your needs. 

Call Signs Now New Hampshire at (603) 635-2292 for more information.

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