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7 Top Things to Consider When Planning Your Special Event


7 Top Things to Consider When Planning Your Special Event

Be it a trade show, tent sale, grand opening, charity marathon or other occasion, you’ll want to the most of your upcoming special event. Use this checklist to help guide your way:

  1. Will the event be held inside, outside, or both? This will affect what type of signs and displays you’ll need or be able to use, from tents to digital kiosks. Weather-resistant options for outdoor use, of course, need to be made more durable.
  2. Is it a one-time or recurring affair? A one-time only event will call for signage and graphics that need not stand the test of time. In contrast, a long season of trade shows will require signs and displays that are not only durable, but also easily set-up, taken down, and transported from one venue to the next. Similarly, signage for an annual parade or sidewalk sale may be stored and reused from year to year.
  3. What is the objective of your event? Are you advertising a business or product? Thanking donors or clients? Rallying support for a cause? Your goals will help determine whether you need banners, awards, promo materials or other items.
  4. Who will be attending your event? If it’s potential clients, you’ll want your signage and graphics to attract attention and capture leads. If it’s members of the press, you’ll need to distribute lots of fact sheets or flash drives. If it’s new prospects for a new product or service, you’ll want to plan on plenty of room for demonstrations, or set up monitors for screened presentations.
  5. How long will your special event last? Smart event marketers don’t share the same message day after day during a multi-day trade show. Instead, they seek ways to change it up and keep attendee interest high. One solution? Modular displays that can easily change over time.
  6. Are you sharing the venue with others? If you are exhibiting at a conference where it’s likely you will be in direct competition for the attention – and trade – of similar companies, you’ll want to choose signage and displays that will set you apart, like creative floor graphics. Your messaging, too, should work to distinguish you from others. American Express suggests promo products as a great idea.
  7. Can you access the event space at the planning stage? If considering exhibiting at an annual trade show, it’s best to attend the year before to assess your signage and display opportunities. Alternately, ask for a layout, request to see photos of previous events, and review exhibitor rules and regulations. Thus armed with information, you can optimize the size and height of your signs, or know if strategically positioned directional signage might drive more visitors to your location.


Let an expert show you the way. Experienced in all aspects of special event signage, graphics and displays, rely on Signs Now will help you make the most of your opportunity to attract interest, promote, persuade or sell. To get started, contact us today.

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