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Banner Stands

Display your banners to their best advantage, in all the best places.

As big and bold as you need them to be, custom banners are a great way to build your brand, promote a produce or service, or alert people to an event. Oftentimes, they can be mounted on walls or fences, or hung from ceilings or scaffolding. Whatever the occasion, you'll benefit from the affordable banner stands offered by Signs Now Plymouth.

Banner stands are usually used indoors, like at trade shows or special events. In some cases, they can be positioned outside for limited times. Most are ordered complete with custom graphics from Signs Now Plymouth. What's more, many stands allow you to swap out your banners easily from one event to another.

Key benefits of banner stands

Banner stands offered by Signs Now Plymouth provide many advantages. Consider these benefits:

  • Display different banners from event to event
  • Durable and reusable
  • Easily set up/taken down
  • Indoor applications primarily or occasional outdoor use
  • Lightweight to carry or ship
  • Vertical or horizontal orientations

Common types of banner stands

With the variety of different banner stands offered by Signs Now Plymouth, you can be assured there's a type that meets your display needs and budget. Here are the three main types of banner stand:

Retractable banner stands: Usually printed on vinyl or fabric, the custom banner is stored in the base of the stand. When ready for display, you extend a pole, pull up the banner and attach it to the pole. To take down the stand, you detach the banner from the pole. It gently winds down back into the base with a spring-loaded mechanism. Some retractable banner stands have cassettes that allow you to change out the banners; other banner stands are intended for use with only one banner.

Spring-back banner stands: A spring-back banner stand has no base. A tripod structure stands (loosely) on its own and helps the banner tighten up and stand firmly once your custom banner is attached. A grommet in each corner of your banner holds the graphics in place. The advantages? Spring-back banner stands are lightweight, easy to carry and set up quickly. You can easily change out custom graphics from one event or occasion to another with a spring-back banner stand!

Telescopic banner stands: A telescopic banner stand is essentially two pieces. It includes your custom banner and a lightweight, telescoping frame to attach it to. The banner usually attaches to the frame with grommets and is held in place with tension. Telescopic banner stands can be vertical in format. They can also be used as horizontal banner stands for trade shows. Because of this, horizontal telescopic banner stands often serve as step-and-repeat media walls at press conferences. Another advantage? Telescopic banner stands are double-sided banner stands; people can view them from the front and back. 

Popular applications for banner stands

Popular display solutions, double-sided banner stands, adjustable banner stands and other types from Signs Now Plymouth are often used at:

  • Conferences
  • Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Stores
  • Trade shows
  • Sales and promotions
  • Special events
  • Universities

Ready to begin benefiting from banner stands? See Signs Now Plymouth!

Whether it's a simple, one-time graphic or an entire project's worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now Plymouth. We "bring to the table" not only creative ideas but also have experience on how to get your job done on target, on time and on budget. And, that includes it all -- from measurement and design to expert installation. Of course, it all begins with a free consultation. Let's sit down to discuss your needs and review our solutions.


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