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Light box graphic for Jon Charles Salon
  • Graphic for light box
  • New panels with translucent graphics
  • Flex face lit building sign
  • Light box
  • Reverse lit cabinet with dimensional logo
  • Updated lit cabinet
  • Updated panel with translucent graphics
  • Updated panel with translucent graphics
  • Updated translucent vinyl
  • LED Light cabinet
  • Updated graphics
  • Light box with translucent vinyl
  • One Stop Auto panel at night
  • Vinyl replacement for existing panel
  • Light box
  • Replacement panel

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Light Boxes

Signs Now Plymouth provides Light Boxes to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.

Signs Now Plymouth produces various illuminated, custom signs for indoor and outdoor use. The light boxes are constructed as a box with a light inside which provides backlight for a graphics panel. Light boxes are widely used by retail stores and as company signs. These signs are easy to see and read in the dark and relay information from sales event promotions to brand reinforcement and information regarding store operation. Backlit signs are also used indoors in restaurants, public buildings or retails stores. They stand out because of their light and catch the eyes of visitors. Light boxes can use various display panels that can be changed over time. In this way, they can be reused to promote different events such as seasonal sales or seasonal products.

Light boxes are excellent as wayfinding signs. Used by restaurants, hotels or warehouses, they provide a well-identified information display to guide visitors inside and outside the buildings.

Signs Now Plymouth can install light boxes on monument signs or outside walls to provide effective advertising day and night. These electric signs are energy efficient and provide a great promotional effect at a low cost.

Signs Now Plymouth can design, build and install your light box. As a full-service company, we will help you make a good decision when buying a custom light box. We use quality materials that will last longer and look better in all weather conditions. Based on your type of business and goals, we will recommend the size, color and location of your light box sign. In our recommendations, we use past experience and information regarding new technology, along with our manufacturing expertise.

Call Signs Now Plymouth at (763) 746-0020 for more information.