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Plastic Signs

Make an instant impression with portable, affordable and eye-catching plastic signs.

Offered in many sizes and custom printed to your unique design in four colors, plastic signs and yard signs from Signs Now are usually constructed of lightweight but long-wearing corrugated plastic, PVC, or polystyrene.

Outdoors, they install readily on lawns with wooden, plastic or heavy-gauge wire stakes. Most enable you to "step" the stake into the ground. Of course, removal of your yard signs is just about as easy! Their lightweight portability makes them especially popular for construction, politics, real estate and special events.

Or, use our plastic signs for indoor applications. Hang them from ceilings, mount them on walls, or affix them to windows. They're a great signage choice for wherever you choose to use them! Our plastic signs and yark signs can benefit your business, organization, municipality or family in many ways. Rely on these economical attention-getters to promote, advertise, inform or direct!

Common uses of plastic signs and yard signs

Here are just a few suggestions on how you can employ yard signs from Signs Now Plymouth to your advantage:

  • For Sale by Owner: Real estate agents aren't the only ones who benefit from plastic signs when advertising homes for sale or for lease; individual sellers can, too!
  • Home for Sale or Lease: Real estate companies use yard signs to alert passersby to available properties.
  • Open House Today: Custom yard signs are used by realtors to augment regular real estate signs and call attention to open houses. At the end of the day, they literally pullup stakes and use them again at the next event!
  • Mary Jones for City Council: The affordability of bandit signs makes them a popular choice for election campaigns and ballot initiatives, e.g. “Vote for Proposition A.”
  • Acme Roofing Services: With yard signs, contractors and tradespeople of all types can alert passersby they’re the choice of nearby friends and neighbors.
  • Congratulations Graduate: Proud parents can acknowledge new high school grads with custom hard plastic signs.
  • Johnson Wedding This Way →: Point guests to weddings, reunions, graduation parties or other special events with yard signs designed to provide directions.
  • Welcome Home, Sergeant Smith: Celebrate the homecoming of a returning serviceman or woman with custom-designed corrugated plastic signs.
  • Spring Lawn Fertilizer Now in Stock: Do you have a recurring seasonal sale or announcement? Dust off your corrugated plastic signs each season and let shoppers know new arrivals are now in store! 
  • Yard Sale Today: Alert motorists to tag sales or garage sales with lawn signs posted on busy streets or positioned throughout your neighborhood.

Advantages of plastic signs and yard signs

It's no wonder why custom plastic signs and yard signs are a popular choice with so many users. In selecting these signage options from Signs Now Plymouth, you'll enjoy many benefits including:

  • Economical pricing: While many people purchase one or several lawn signs, other users buy affordable custom yard signs by the dozens or even hundreds! Realtors®, contractors and politicians often buy in bulk!
  • Stow-and-go portability: Flat, compact and light in weight, custom plastic signs are readily transported from site to site in the trunks of cars or the storage spaces in SUVs.
  • Ready storage: The same qualities that make plastic signs easy to carry also make them easy to store. As a result, they’re popular signage solutions for annual events such as golf outings, municipal parades, charity walks and the like.
  • Simple maintenance: To keep your plastic signs looking their best, you can wash them with water or wipe them with a damp cloth.
  • Fast production turnarounds: While not instant signage solutions, yard signs can often be custom designed and fabricated quickly when compared to many other signage or promotional options.
  • Easy installations: Most yard signs install easily via plastic, wooden stakes or H-shaped heavy-gauge wires that let you “step” the stake into the ground. Of course, lawn sign pull-ups are just as easy!
  • Season-after-season reusability: While plastic signs are often the choice for one-and-done special events, many use and reuse lawn signs year-after-year. You’ll see them at seasonal sales, polling places, farmer’s markets and many other annual applications.  
  • Multiuse versatility: Don’t think of plastic signs as only for lawns. By adding grommets, they also can hang from ceilings or tie to fences. With adhesives and hooks, you can affix corrugated plastic signs to your walls. And, with suction cups or tape, they adhere to windows.


What's the difference between yard signs and lawn signs?

Yard signs and lawn signs are different names for the same signage. These signs are also commonly called corrugated plastic signs, Coroplast signs, bandit signs or simply plastic signs. Use any name you choose. The experts at Signs Now Plymouth will instantly recognize what you're talking about.

Are custom-sized yard signs offered?

Yes, yard signs come in standard types and in just about any custom size you specify.

Is double-sided printing available for yard signs?

Yes, for maximum visibility, most users opt to have us print their lawn signs on both sides.

Ready to put our yard and plastic signs to work? See Signs Now Plymouth!

Whether it's a simple, one-time graphic or an entire project's worth of signage and displays, count on Signs Now Plymouth. We "bring to the table" not only creative ideas but also experience on how to get your job done on target, on time and on budget. That includes it all -- from measurement and design to expert installation. Of course, it all begins with a free consultation. Let's sit down soon to discuss your needs and review our solutions.


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